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On Wednesday, Emily and I drove to Cincinnati to see Blink 182 at the Riverbend

I like Blink 182, but I’ll admit I was more excited to see All American Rejects. I’ve listened to them since high school and so it was like a dream come true to see them in concert.
However, they were disappointing. Tyson Ritter seemed high and just crazy. Every other word was “Fuck” or “Fuckin.”
Most disappointing was their setlist because they only did their top hits: “Dirty Little Secret,” “Gives you hell,” “Move along,” and “It Ends Tonight.”  I really like the songs from their older albums so I was bummed not to hear any of my lesser-known favs.

All-American Rejects 

After All-American Rejects, there was this band called A Day to Remember and their music was not my cup of tea. I don’t like metal or heavy metal or any type of screaming or heavy drums. They had a fun set, nevertheless, because they had TV screens behind them and a fish-eye camera on-stage that they would move around to film themselves and the audience. They also threw out into the crowd multiple rolls of toilet paper. The rolls went bouncing around the crowd, streaming everywhere.

Blink 182

Once it turned dark, Blink 182 came on stage. They opened their set by having flaming letters that spelled out “Fuck” on stage. That was pretty amazing. Throughout their show, they had quite a bit of pyrotechnics. They put on a high energy show, performing both old classics and newer songs. I enjoyed “I Miss You” because they had these cool visuals of two skeletons falling in and out of love on the TV screen behind them. I also liked “All the Small Things,” “Bored to Death” and “First Date.”

Me and Emily 
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New Politics concert

Waiting outside 

On Friday, Emily and I went to the Newport to see the New Politics concert. I was really excited because I’d seen New Politics in February with Monica and they put on such a great show. I think of them more as entertainers than musicians.

The concert started with SomeKindaWonderful, which was a cool band from Cleveland. I had listened to their song Reverse before the concert and when I first heard that song, I thought I was listening to The Shin’s “Simple Song” (no, seriously. listen to both of their intros and tell me they don’t sound similar.) The songs Reverse was stuck in my head the rest of the day until the concert. I thought the lead singer (Jordy Towers) was a good performer because he was so energetic and passionate. He looked like he would be a good rapper with a lot of swagger. They played a few songs in different genres so that was refreshing to me. Playing songs from other genres made me think they were musically talented. I liked their guitar player (Matt Gibson) because he played pretty much every type of guitar and they had this cool girl (Sarah Dyer) play the tambourine and dance. 

Bad Suns

The next opener was Bad Suns. I would’ve gone to a show to see just them alone. I love their song “Cardiac Arrest” so much. I’d listen to it every day senior year walking back from the library. At first I was loving them but they did a really long set and in the middle all of their songs kind of blurred together so that was disappointing. The lead singer was really gorgeous and sounded great so I wasn’t too bummed. They ended their set with “Salt” and “Cardiac Arrest” so that was amazing to hear. Their guitar players had such long hair you couldn’t see their faces. They were off in their own worlds. The one guy was playing into the speaker which I thought was weird. And, their drummer reminded me of Animal from the Muppets and Quasimodo.

Standing on the speaker. Nbd. 

New Politics opened with “Tonight You’re Perfect” which was such a great high energy song to open with. Everyone was so pumped. 

New Politics

I brought my Danish flag and when we waved it, the lead singer pointed to us and said something to the crowd about how they are from Denmark and he said “That’s good” in Danish. Awesome.
At one point,  Søren Hansen, the guitarist hopped on the piano and sang a slowed down version of “Stuck on You.”
Just like in the last concert, David Boyd, the lead singer, break danced, climbed up on the speaker and took his shirt off. Let me repeat that: he took his shirt off. Omg.  He also crowdsurfed. But most importantly, he took his shirt off. I’m sure at least three girls somewhere in the crowd fainted.  

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More "Roaring" and less "Abductions"

I love listening to pop music. I have ever since I was little. Now, whenever I turn on the radio, I hear a Katy Perry song. She dominates Top 40 radio stations. Doesn’t matter if you like her or hate her, you can’t escape her. 

I went to her Prismatic concert last night and had a great time. It was incredibly entertaining! The costumes were out of this world and it felt like I was at a Cirque du Soleil show instead of a concert. There were lots of young girls in the audience and that mad me think about whether Katy Perry’s songs were appropriate for children and if they were sending a positive message. 

Something I found fascinating is that the same artist can perform songs inappropriate for children like “E.T.”  but then also inspirational female-empowering anthems like “Roar.”  How can she have such polar opposite songs? 

The lyrics of “E.T.” are quite straightforward and troubling: 

Take me, ta-ta-take me
Wanna be a victim
Ready for abduction

                     Then, Kanye West chimes into the song: 

Tell me whats next? Alien sex.
Imma disrobe you
Then Imma probe you
See I abducted you
            So I tell you what to do

I like this song but it always pains me to sing along because I know what that the lyrics are basically condoning rape. I don’t know why Katy Perry or Kanye West didn’t get more criticism for these appalling lyrics. I disagree with the claim that the song is about “falling in love with a foreigner.” It’s not about falling in love, it’s about sexual assault.  

So there you have “E.T.” from 2011 Fast forward three years to 2014 when “Roar” debuted. Check out these lyrics:

‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar

You held me down, but I got up (HEY!)
Already brushing off the dust
You hear my voice, you hear that sound
Like thunder gonna shake the ground

I could include the whole song’s lyrics because all of it demonstrates a strong female standing up for herself. Great! Where were these lyrics in 2011? The majority of the songs from her “Teenage Dream” album don’t have a troublesome message (except Peacock, which I think is too much of a silly double entendre). I find it troubling that “E.T.” blew up on the Top 40 charts when it has such problematic lyrics. 

I’m glad that “Roar” had such success and that young girls are now singing along to that song. 
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New Politics Concert

New Politics concert last night
My tshirt!

I went to a concert last night. I want to stand on a rooftop and shout it out. I’m totally wearing my t-shirt that I got. It has the Danish flag on it and it says Denmark!

 It was Monica’s first concert! I felt so privileged to be a part of her first concert.

So the adventure started with digging out my car. It was cased in a sheet of ice. It took me about fifteen minutes to dig it out. These Denison ground workers came by and helped plow the snow from behind my car. I think I told them thank you at least ten times.

I stopped to get gas and the gas tank door was frozen shut. I thought, this is the end, I can’t go if I can’t get more gas. Monica was able to get the door free by scraping off the ice so it opened.

Monica’s first concert!

We hopped on the highway and it was smooth sailing. We got to Columbus and one of the side streets was in really bad shape. I was so scared I’d hit another car. The Newport turned out to be on OSU’s main campus. We parked in the garage. Since doors hadn’t opened yet, we went to Starbucks to grab a snack. I got a chocolate milk and a piece of coffee cake.

When the doors opened, we decided to go upstairs and I’m so glad we were up there because we had a great view without the crowd.

We chatted for an hour or so until the first opener came on around 8pm. They were called Sleeper Agent. They are from Bowling Green, Kentucky. It was a redheaded girl with a band of long-haired rocker guys. The keyboardist had this thick curly long hair and you couldn’t see his face. They had such a high energy show.

Next was another opener called Magic Man. That was like four guys and a girl. They are from Boston. The ‘magic man’ was so energetic. He would almost have these like seizure episodes on stage. They also had an Asian guitar player which I’d never seen before. They put on a good show too.

Magic Man
Sleeper Agent

When New Politics came out, the guy did a backflip! He literally jumped off a black box and flipped into the air, landing perfectly. What a way to start the show! After a couple songs, he stopped singing and began breakdancing. I mean like really good breakdancing too. He was flat on his head for a good portion.
Another time in the show, he went out into the crowd and stood up completely. They were supporting his legs. A kid crowdsurfed up to him.  He also climbed up onto these huge speakers and was singing from up there. The guitarist threw his guitar high up in the air. I was so scared he wouldn’t catch it. He did.

They did all the songs I knew. I was surprised they did “Tonight You’re Perfect” like in the middle of their set. That’s their song that’s on MTV often. That’s how I first knew of them. I saw the video and the Danish flag. Yes, they are from Copenhagen, Denmark!

People kept crowdsurfing, moshing, and getting really into it. It was fun to watch from above. I love Columbus angsty hipster youth.

My favorite part of the concert was when they taught the crowd how to speak Danish. They said kaffe med mælk which means coffee with milk. I should’ve brought my Danish flag to the concert. A girl brought a FC Copenhagen scarf and he talked about it. They ended with an encore of “Yeah Yeah Yeah” “Goodbye Copenhagen” and “Harlem.”
It was a fantastic perfect concert!

A girl crowdsurfing. Don’t fall.

Sold out New Politics show at the Newport in Columbus!