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New Politics Concert

New Politics concert last night
My tshirt!

I went to a concert last night. I want to stand on a rooftop and shout it out. I’m totally wearing my t-shirt that I got. It has the Danish flag on it and it says Denmark!

 It was Monica’s first concert! I felt so privileged to be a part of her first concert.

So the adventure started with digging out my car. It was cased in a sheet of ice. It took me about fifteen minutes to dig it out. These Denison ground workers came by and helped plow the snow from behind my car. I think I told them thank you at least ten times.

I stopped to get gas and the gas tank door was frozen shut. I thought, this is the end, I can’t go if I can’t get more gas. Monica was able to get the door free by scraping off the ice so it opened.

Monica’s first concert!

We hopped on the highway and it was smooth sailing. We got to Columbus and one of the side streets was in really bad shape. I was so scared I’d hit another car. The Newport turned out to be on OSU’s main campus. We parked in the garage. Since doors hadn’t opened yet, we went to Starbucks to grab a snack. I got a chocolate milk and a piece of coffee cake.

When the doors opened, we decided to go upstairs and I’m so glad we were up there because we had a great view without the crowd.

We chatted for an hour or so until the first opener came on around 8pm. They were called Sleeper Agent. They are from Bowling Green, Kentucky. It was a redheaded girl with a band of long-haired rocker guys. The keyboardist had this thick curly long hair and you couldn’t see his face. They had such a high energy show.

Next was another opener called Magic Man. That was like four guys and a girl. They are from Boston. The ‘magic man’ was so energetic. He would almost have these like seizure episodes on stage. They also had an Asian guitar player which I’d never seen before. They put on a good show too.

Magic Man
Sleeper Agent

When New Politics came out, the guy did a backflip! He literally jumped off a black box and flipped into the air, landing perfectly. What a way to start the show! After a couple songs, he stopped singing and began breakdancing. I mean like really good breakdancing too. He was flat on his head for a good portion.
Another time in the show, he went out into the crowd and stood up completely. They were supporting his legs. A kid crowdsurfed up to him.  He also climbed up onto these huge speakers and was singing from up there. The guitarist threw his guitar high up in the air. I was so scared he wouldn’t catch it. He did.

They did all the songs I knew. I was surprised they did “Tonight You’re Perfect” like in the middle of their set. That’s their song that’s on MTV often. That’s how I first knew of them. I saw the video and the Danish flag. Yes, they are from Copenhagen, Denmark!

People kept crowdsurfing, moshing, and getting really into it. It was fun to watch from above. I love Columbus angsty hipster youth.

My favorite part of the concert was when they taught the crowd how to speak Danish. They said kaffe med mælk which means coffee with milk. I should’ve brought my Danish flag to the concert. A girl brought a FC Copenhagen scarf and he talked about it. They ended with an encore of “Yeah Yeah Yeah” “Goodbye Copenhagen” and “Harlem.”
It was a fantastic perfect concert!

A girl crowdsurfing. Don’t fall.

Sold out New Politics show at the Newport in Columbus!

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