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On Wednesday, Emily and I drove to Cincinnati to see Blink 182 at the Riverbend

I like Blink 182, but I’ll admit I was more excited to see All American Rejects. I’ve listened to them since high school and so it was like a dream come true to see them in concert.
However, they were disappointing. Tyson Ritter seemed high and just crazy. Every other word was “Fuck” or “Fuckin.”
Most disappointing was their setlist because they only did their top hits: “Dirty Little Secret,” “Gives you hell,” “Move along,” and “It Ends Tonight.”  I really like the songs from their older albums so I was bummed not to hear any of my lesser-known favs.

All-American Rejects 

After All-American Rejects, there was this band called A Day to Remember and their music was not my cup of tea. I don’t like metal or heavy metal or any type of screaming or heavy drums. They had a fun set, nevertheless, because they had TV screens behind them and a fish-eye camera on-stage that they would move around to film themselves and the audience. They also threw out into the crowd multiple rolls of toilet paper. The rolls went bouncing around the crowd, streaming everywhere.

Blink 182

Once it turned dark, Blink 182 came on stage. They opened their set by having flaming letters that spelled out “Fuck” on stage. That was pretty amazing. Throughout their show, they had quite a bit of pyrotechnics. They put on a high energy show, performing both old classics and newer songs. I enjoyed “I Miss You” because they had these cool visuals of two skeletons falling in and out of love on the TV screen behind them. I also liked “All the Small Things,” “Bored to Death” and “First Date.”

Me and Emily 

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