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New Politics Concert

New Politics concert last night
My tshirt!

I went to a concert last night. I want to stand on a rooftop and shout it out. I’m totally wearing my t-shirt that I got. It has the Danish flag on it and it says Denmark!

 It was Monica’s first concert! I felt so privileged to be a part of her first concert.

So the adventure started with digging out my car. It was cased in a sheet of ice. It took me about fifteen minutes to dig it out. These Denison ground workers came by and helped plow the snow from behind my car. I think I told them thank you at least ten times.

I stopped to get gas and the gas tank door was frozen shut. I thought, this is the end, I can’t go if I can’t get more gas. Monica was able to get the door free by scraping off the ice so it opened.

Monica’s first concert!

We hopped on the highway and it was smooth sailing. We got to Columbus and one of the side streets was in really bad shape. I was so scared I’d hit another car. The Newport turned out to be on OSU’s main campus. We parked in the garage. Since doors hadn’t opened yet, we went to Starbucks to grab a snack. I got a chocolate milk and a piece of coffee cake.

When the doors opened, we decided to go upstairs and I’m so glad we were up there because we had a great view without the crowd.

We chatted for an hour or so until the first opener came on around 8pm. They were called Sleeper Agent. They are from Bowling Green, Kentucky. It was a redheaded girl with a band of long-haired rocker guys. The keyboardist had this thick curly long hair and you couldn’t see his face. They had such a high energy show.

Next was another opener called Magic Man. That was like four guys and a girl. They are from Boston. The ‘magic man’ was so energetic. He would almost have these like seizure episodes on stage. They also had an Asian guitar player which I’d never seen before. They put on a good show too.

Magic Man
Sleeper Agent

When New Politics came out, the guy did a backflip! He literally jumped off a black box and flipped into the air, landing perfectly. What a way to start the show! After a couple songs, he stopped singing and began breakdancing. I mean like really good breakdancing too. He was flat on his head for a good portion.
Another time in the show, he went out into the crowd and stood up completely. They were supporting his legs. A kid crowdsurfed up to him.  He also climbed up onto these huge speakers and was singing from up there. The guitarist threw his guitar high up in the air. I was so scared he wouldn’t catch it. He did.

They did all the songs I knew. I was surprised they did “Tonight You’re Perfect” like in the middle of their set. That’s their song that’s on MTV often. That’s how I first knew of them. I saw the video and the Danish flag. Yes, they are from Copenhagen, Denmark!

People kept crowdsurfing, moshing, and getting really into it. It was fun to watch from above. I love Columbus angsty hipster youth.

My favorite part of the concert was when they taught the crowd how to speak Danish. They said kaffe med mælk which means coffee with milk. I should’ve brought my Danish flag to the concert. A girl brought a FC Copenhagen scarf and he talked about it. They ended with an encore of “Yeah Yeah Yeah” “Goodbye Copenhagen” and “Harlem.”
It was a fantastic perfect concert!

A girl crowdsurfing. Don’t fall.

Sold out New Politics show at the Newport in Columbus!

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Working at the Pet Wellness Mobile Vet Clinic

Today, I helped my mom at her Pet Wellness Vet clinic. I’ve been helping her with this since it started several years ago. My role has shifted from just filling out rabies paperwork to talking to customers to holding dogs for nail trims. Working her for so long, it seems like I know how to pretty much do it all.
When I’m working, some people will assume that I’m training to become a veterinarian and I politely tell them that I actually do not want to be a vet. I just enjoy helping my mom (and petting the cute dogs and cats). But it’s still a job and I’ve taken a lot away from the experience.

Skills I’ve learned working at the Pet Wellness Mobile Vet Clinic:

Too cute!
We travel around to different locations, like this one. 
    The best part of my job: the canine customers. 

  • Stay organized: We have to keep the clipboards organized so that people get seen in the order they came in. This can be tough when we’re so busy and the counters start to get messy. I have to make it a priority. Also, it’s important for me to help my mom stay organized with her medicines and vaccines so she can easily find what she needs to help people. 
  • Roll with the punches: Sometimes we make mistakes. It’s not the end of the world. Life goes on. Some of the mistakes are beyond our control like when a dog has an accident. I’ve learned to not make a big deal out of it and to just clean up the situation and move on. 
  • Be cautious around new dogs: I have a bad habit of excitedly lunging at dogs I think are cute. Not surprisingly, this scares them. So, I’ve learned to approach them slowly, hold out my hand for them to smell and wait for them to approach me. This helps to lower my risk of getting bitten or scratched. 
  • Talking to a wide variety of people: We’ve seen it all. Blind, deaf, handicapped, non-English speakers, really rich, really poor, black, white, Asian, Hispanic, etc. You name it and they’ve been to our clinic. I’ve learned to interact with a diverse group of people.
  • Do what needs to be done: At other jobs I’ve worked, someone will always tell me what needs to be done. Here, my mom is often too busy to tell me specifically what to do. So I have to be proactive and realize that what I could do to help out, get ahead or go where I’m needed. This helps me become independent.  
  • Watch what you say: I’ve definitely put my foot in my mouth before. This happens a lot when I say things like, “What a pretty girl!” and the owner stares at me and tells me it’s a boy cat. Whoops. Note to self: ask about gender before assuming a pink collar means it’s a girl. I’ve learned to try and be as polite and politically correct as I can to customers. 
  • Go outside my comfort zone: When I began helping my mom, I was in high school and was really shy about talking to strangers. I didn’t feel confident enough to talk to people about what vaccines their dog or cat needed. But when my mom needed me to pass out clipboards to people in line, I had to go outside my comfort zone and talk to strangers. It was the only way I would get better. Now, I’m more comfortable talking to people I’m unfamiliar with and I feel more sure of myself.  
Celebrating my 20th birthday at a clinic 

Working at the Pet Wellness Clinic is such a unique work experience opportunity that I know most teenagers don’t get to do. I’m thankful for the chance to help so many dogs and cats. Even though I don’t want to pursue a career in veterinary science, I can still apply what I’ve learned in my life and future career. 

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My Life Hacks

Life Hacks that I’ve learned and used over the years. These will help you stay organized and pack more efficiently. 
To best keep old headphones organized, take bits of cardboard and cut them into small pieces. Make a cut on the top and bottom then wrap the headphones around the cardboard. You can also keep them in small plastic containers. 
When packing earrings for a trip, pin them onto an old tie. I did this when I went to Denmark for four months. I borrowed my dad’s old tie, chose my earrings, folded it up carefully in my luggage and when I arrived, all I had to do was tie it up somewhere so I could see the earrings. Easy!

With your earrings on a tie, you can easily pack them, see all of your earrings and you can fit a lot. 

To display bracelets, use old toiler paper roll holders. I wrapped them in blue wrapping paper so they looked nicer. 
Buy one of these cheap toothbrush holders. I found this at Wal-Mart for $2. It sticks to your mirror with suction cups and you can use it to hold toothpaste, toothbrushes, teaser combs and other combs. I have one at home and school. 

Clip your hair clippies onto your hairbrush holder. This way, you can easily see them and access them for styling your hair. 

For a cute way to diaplay stuffed animals like Beanie Babies, build them a a beanie ark. My uncle built this for me when I was little. You can fit tons of Beanie Babies on this. However, make sure to include two of every animal!

When travelling, save room in your suitcase by stuffing your shoes with socks, underwear, t-shirts, tank tops, etc. This is a big help. Let’s hope you have pretty big shoes to fill. haha

In this box, I squished a pair of pants, two long sleeve shirts and a sweatshirt. This is what packing looks like when you don’t fold or roll up your clothes. Don’t do this. 

Much better! To save room when packing, tightly roll up your clothes. You can even use rubber bands to make sure they stay tightly rolled. You’ll be amazed how much space this saves. 
The cheapest and best lip moisturizer around is petroleum jelly. My dermatologist recommended this to me in middle school and I’ve been using it ever since. Put some on before you go to bed and wake up with softer lips. It’s better than any chap stick or lip gloss.
A fun way to display rings is on a mannequin hand. I got this off eBay a few years ago. Bonus: You can practice manicures on this hand. It also comes in handy around Halloween or for pranks.

To remember which cord goes with what device, use a matching sticker. I put a blue sticker on the device and the cord. I also put a sticky note on it. You can also use a bread tab thing to mark the cord.
More Life Hacks:
Photos taken by Debbie.