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Second Stylish Surprise

Last week, I saw that ModCloth had another Stylish Surprise offer so of course I took advantage of it. I got a dress and an apparel item, which I assumed would be a top but this time it was a skirt. 
I’m aways so nervous opening up the package. What will be inside? That’s what I love about Stylish Surprise. You never know what you’ll get!
My dress is a gorgeous navy blue color with a fun orange and white poppie floral pattern. When I saw the pattern in the package, I squealed. It’s so sophisticated and classy.  The neckline is higher than I’d usually pick, but the A-line skirt at the bottom is totally my style. I’m okay with the more conservative neckline because the skirt is so much fun. It also came with a cute accent belt which I always like. My waist is one of my favorite body parts so I always like accenting it. 

Opening my Stylish Surprise package, I was surprised to find a skirt. I was expecting a top but I checked my invoice and it said “Apparel” item so hey, a skirt is apparel so fair is fair. I can’t return the skirt but if I could, I would. It’s not my style. But it’s not hideous. It could look a lot worse. It goes down to my knees and has two strong pockets in the front of the skirt. I’m not sure how best to wear the skirt without it being overpowering so that’s why I don’t love it. 

See? It’s a thick, heavy skirt, with two pockets. I wouldn’t have bought a skirt with pockets but I would have bought a skirt that color, preferably a little shorter cut. It feels very retro. 
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ModCloth Review

So, right after I ordered my Stylish Surprise dress from Modcloth, they had a huge clearance event. I’m talking about 80% off items. Wow!
Clothes I had on my wish list were suddenly under $20 and so I snagged a few of my favorites.
I tried to be careful about ordering things since the clearance items were non returnable.
Overall, I’m happy with what I got. 
First, I wanted a long sleeve dress to wear to work and that wasn’t as short as some of my other dresses. I like this one because of the killer neckline. Makes my boobs look three sizes bigger! The color matches my eyes and the skirt is long and flowy. I wore this with leggings, boots and a scarf on Saturday. 
This black dress below was one I’d wanted since Black Friday. I thought it was overpriced back in November and sure enough, my cheapness paid off because it went even more on sale in January. I adore the floral skirt, the simple elegance and the bow tie belt. The belt’s my favorite part because unlike other belts, the bow itself clips into a hole and the excess of the belt is tucked away behind. Gorgeous. 
The picture below shows off the dark red cardigan I got. This is probably my least favorite item I ordered but I’ll still wear it. I don’t love it because it’s a bit tight in my arms and shorter than my other cardigans. I think if I tried to button it up, I’d get that awkward gaping between the buttons. 
Last, I ordered this plaid skirt. The skirt was longer than I expected but then again I think I have a warped definition of what a “long” skirt is. I like the plaid pattern of it and was looking for a school uniform type skirt. 
Once again, thanks Modcloth for the cute clothes. 
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ModCloth Stylish Surprise

For the second time, I took advantage of Modcloth’s Stylish Surprise. Thanks to Emily for telling me it was going on. 
When I got online, the shirts were sold out so all I bought was one dress for $20. 
The way ModCloth’s Stylish Surprise works is that you pick your size and they send you any dress. You have no clue what it will be, how much it’ll be worth and you here’s the kicker: you can’t return it. It’s a big leap of faith. 
When I opened my package at first, I thought “Oh no!” because all I saw was the strange pattern of the dress. 
Turns out, it was a gorgeously cut dress. I love the A-line skirt and the neckline. 
At first, I thought “Oh no!” 
It has this zodiac pattern
I wore it today to work and made it winter appropriate with leggings, boots, a cardigan and scarf. 

Appropriate for winter or summer
Leggings, cardigan and scarf + braided hair

Love the A line skirt
The dress is pretty simple, just fabric cut and sewn in a flattering way. It’s the kind of dress that someone could potentially sew and make themselves. If I ever get into sewing, I’d try and copy the pattern of this dress. 
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Dressing Classy at Work

From Kohls

Dressing professionally is tough. In high school and college, I defaulted to jeans, some cutesy Disney sweater, and moccasins. That uniform wouldn’t fly in an office setting (unless I worked at Disney…) So, I’ve been learning to dress like a grown up. I’ve been doing it gradually by combining things I’d usually wear with a casual outfit, but re purposing them to feel more grown up. Here’s an outfit I wore the other day to work: 

A nice sweater can be amazingly versatile, comfy and classy. I bought this specific sweater because it showed personality and quirkiness with the eiffel towers but also high class because of the eiffel towers. Win-win, Mr. Eiffel. If only the sweater pictured Nutella crepes, rude waiters and cats living in hotels. Then it would sum up my trip to Paris. 

Old Navy

I wore black skinny jeans that I bought in Denmark, but I could have worn any black skinny jeans. I just like the way the Denmark ones smell. This pictured pair from Old Navy is very comfortable and form-fitting. It shows off my body but not in a “errybody in the club gettin’ tipsy” kind of way. I try and look at it more like a “why, yes I am a young female” style pant than an “ass ass ass ass” style pant.

Toms ballet flats
On my toesies, I wore my favorite ballet flats: Toms. I got these for my 18th birthday and they have molded to my feet. They gave me blisters at first but now I’ve worked them in and they are comfortable with or without those nude socklets. I often get compliments on these flats. I’d recommend them because of how unique and comfortable they are. If I was a character in a video game, I’d want these to be my shoes.  
From Pinterest

With my hair, I wanted to tame the lion’s mane that it is so I blow dried it and straightened it. Then, I put it in a clean ponytail and added a bow I got from H & M. Nothing says classy like a black bow in your hair. As long as the fly aways are under control and your hair is clean, I think any simple hairstyle would be great with this look. 

Sally Hansen Slick Slate Insta Dri

And to complete the look, I got to hand it over to my hands. It’s said that people notice first your eyes, then your teeth and then your finger nails. So make a good impression by swiping on a quick coat of charcoal grey nail polish. I used this Insta Dri nailpolish by Sally Hansen (in Slick Slate.) It does dry quick however, it chips off in huge chunks within a few days. But it looks nice, when you start out. The nail polish is like when you see a guy at a bar. He looks like an Abercrombie model but the more you start talking to him you realize he genuinely wants to move to China and study Kung Fu. 

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Equestrian Style

Equestrian chic

Equestrian fashion is so in right now. If you walk into any Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger or similar store, you’ll notice their fashion is trying to imitate the clothes that English riders wear all the time. Sometimes it’s more exaggerated than what real riders wear, but it gets the point across.

I love this fashion trend because I have a horse and love riding.
Now, it’s cool for me to walk around looking like I’m on my way to a horseback riding lesson (maybe I am.)

To get the equestrian look, you don’t need to go out and buy new clothes. I bet you already have stuff that will work.

The fashion inspiration

For your top, you can wear a polo or a subtle horse shirt. I’m wearing a Homage T-shirt I got from the New Albany Classic. I like the soft fabric and vintage design.

Pair it with tan or light brown skinny jeans. They should look like riding breeches.

Modcloth horse scarf

The outfit is completed with tall or short equestrian riding boots. These shoes are so popular right now. It’s entertaining to see so many women wearing these tall riding boots and I bet these women have never been on a horse before. That’s okay.
If you want to look like a real English show jumper, tie your hair into a low bun, carry peppermints or carrots in your pocket and look straight ahead like you’re about to jump over a four foot jump.

You can also get the equestrian look by adding a scarf with horses to your outfit, a horseshoe piece of jewelry or even some horse tights.

There’s no right or wrong way to embrace the equestrian fashion trend. Just be yourself and love horses!

Boots + tan pants + horse shirt