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ModCloth Stylish Surprise

For the second time, I took advantage of Modcloth’s Stylish Surprise. Thanks to Emily for telling me it was going on. 
When I got online, the shirts were sold out so all I bought was one dress for $20. 
The way ModCloth’s Stylish Surprise works is that you pick your size and they send you any dress. You have no clue what it will be, how much it’ll be worth and you here’s the kicker: you can’t return it. It’s a big leap of faith. 
When I opened my package at first, I thought “Oh no!” because all I saw was the strange pattern of the dress. 
Turns out, it was a gorgeously cut dress. I love the A-line skirt and the neckline. 
At first, I thought “Oh no!” 
It has this zodiac pattern
I wore it today to work and made it winter appropriate with leggings, boots, a cardigan and scarf. 

Appropriate for winter or summer
Leggings, cardigan and scarf + braided hair

Love the A line skirt
The dress is pretty simple, just fabric cut and sewn in a flattering way. It’s the kind of dress that someone could potentially sew and make themselves. If I ever get into sewing, I’d try and copy the pattern of this dress. 

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