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ModCloth Review

So, right after I ordered my Stylish Surprise dress from Modcloth, they had a huge clearance event. I’m talking about 80% off items. Wow!
Clothes I had on my wish list were suddenly under $20 and so I snagged a few of my favorites.
I tried to be careful about ordering things since the clearance items were non returnable.
Overall, I’m happy with what I got. 
First, I wanted a long sleeve dress to wear to work and that wasn’t as short as some of my other dresses. I like this one because of the killer neckline. Makes my boobs look three sizes bigger! The color matches my eyes and the skirt is long and flowy. I wore this with leggings, boots and a scarf on Saturday. 
This black dress below was one I’d wanted since Black Friday. I thought it was overpriced back in November and sure enough, my cheapness paid off because it went even more on sale in January. I adore the floral skirt, the simple elegance and the bow tie belt. The belt’s my favorite part because unlike other belts, the bow itself clips into a hole and the excess of the belt is tucked away behind. Gorgeous. 
The picture below shows off the dark red cardigan I got. This is probably my least favorite item I ordered but I’ll still wear it. I don’t love it because it’s a bit tight in my arms and shorter than my other cardigans. I think if I tried to button it up, I’d get that awkward gaping between the buttons. 
Last, I ordered this plaid skirt. The skirt was longer than I expected but then again I think I have a warped definition of what a “long” skirt is. I like the plaid pattern of it and was looking for a school uniform type skirt. 
Once again, thanks Modcloth for the cute clothes. 

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