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Dressing Classy at Work

From Kohls

Dressing professionally is tough. In high school and college, I defaulted to jeans, some cutesy Disney sweater, and moccasins. That uniform wouldn’t fly in an office setting (unless I worked at Disney…) So, I’ve been learning to dress like a grown up. I’ve been doing it gradually by combining things I’d usually wear with a casual outfit, but re purposing them to feel more grown up. Here’s an outfit I wore the other day to work: 

A nice sweater can be amazingly versatile, comfy and classy. I bought this specific sweater because it showed personality and quirkiness with the eiffel towers but also high class because of the eiffel towers. Win-win, Mr. Eiffel. If only the sweater pictured Nutella crepes, rude waiters and cats living in hotels. Then it would sum up my trip to Paris. 

Old Navy

I wore black skinny jeans that I bought in Denmark, but I could have worn any black skinny jeans. I just like the way the Denmark ones smell. This pictured pair from Old Navy is very comfortable and form-fitting. It shows off my body but not in a “errybody in the club gettin’ tipsy” kind of way. I try and look at it more like a “why, yes I am a young female” style pant than an “ass ass ass ass” style pant.

Toms ballet flats
On my toesies, I wore my favorite ballet flats: Toms. I got these for my 18th birthday and they have molded to my feet. They gave me blisters at first but now I’ve worked them in and they are comfortable with or without those nude socklets. I often get compliments on these flats. I’d recommend them because of how unique and comfortable they are. If I was a character in a video game, I’d want these to be my shoes.  
From Pinterest

With my hair, I wanted to tame the lion’s mane that it is so I blow dried it and straightened it. Then, I put it in a clean ponytail and added a bow I got from H & M. Nothing says classy like a black bow in your hair. As long as the fly aways are under control and your hair is clean, I think any simple hairstyle would be great with this look. 

Sally Hansen Slick Slate Insta Dri

And to complete the look, I got to hand it over to my hands. It’s said that people notice first your eyes, then your teeth and then your finger nails. So make a good impression by swiping on a quick coat of charcoal grey nail polish. I used this Insta Dri nailpolish by Sally Hansen (in Slick Slate.) It does dry quick however, it chips off in huge chunks within a few days. But it looks nice, when you start out. The nail polish is like when you see a guy at a bar. He looks like an Abercrombie model but the more you start talking to him you realize he genuinely wants to move to China and study Kung Fu. 

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