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Instagram posts

Recently, I’ve been helping a local Grandview small business called Good Makery with their marketing and I wanted to share two Instagram posts that I helped make.

Celebrating Grandparent’s Day

Leslie helped find this cute picture of a little boy with ice cream and I added the text using Canva.  

Sharing new charity collaboration 

I made this image also using Canva and wrote the copy.

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Everyone is getting soap for Christmas

On Sunday afternoon, Nate and I walked around Grandview and we stopped in Glenn Avenue Soap Company. 

I’d heard about Glenn Ave. from their commercials at The Gateway film center. I’d also seen them in some local bar’s bathrooms (like Zauber, across the street) and from when I went to a Zumba class at the Brickhouse Cardio Studio that’s right next door.

Walking inside, we were immediately greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable young woman. She explained to us about the organic locally made soaps and answered our questions when we were looking at the beer soaps. She told us that no, they don’t smell like beer but are made with beer that’s given to them by the bars that they have soap dispensers in. The beer soap is supposed to be very good for your skin.

I was kicking myself because I just bought some more bodywash at Ulta Beauty. As soon as I start to run low, I’m going to try one of their beer bar soaps.

I treated myself to a bottle of their famous foaming hand soap in Peppermint and Tea Tree Oil. 
“You and your peppermint,” said Nate, when I bought it.
What can I say, I love peppermint.

I totally want to go back here and give all my friends and family soaps for Christmas. Whether it’s bars of soap, foaming soap, lotion or something else, I think it’s a nice, practical, locally-made gift.

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Halloween Costumes Over the Years

Halloween is coming up soon and I wanted to reminiscence about all of the fun Halloween costumes I’ve done in the past.
(Because I don’t know what I want to go as this year. I made a Pinterest board of ideas I like, but I still don’t know)
Cereal killers in 2007
For marching band during my sophomore year, we had a home football game that was close to Halloween so we all dressed up for the game. I had just met Emily last year and we were already best friends. 
We went to Wal-Mart and bought white sweatshirts, plastic silverware, red paint/ fake blood, puffy T-shirt paint and little cereal boxes.  We went back to her house and had a lot of fun making the sweatshirts. Everyone loved our costume. 
Leaf blowers

The next year, we went Trick-or-Treating (as juniors in high school) as Leaf Blowers.

We bought blue sweatshirts, brown hats, fake leaves from Michael’s, and hot glued the leaves onto our outfit. Most importantly is the hat and where the leaf is placed. 
Leaf Blowers 
Fun fact: I still wear those shoes. I looked closer at those pictures and thought, yup those are the shoes I wore this weekend. 
Leaf Blowers
Freshman year of college, I simply reused my Cereal Killer costume. 
Freshman year of college 
Cereal killer again in 2010
Carving a pumpkin in 2010
In 2012, I went as a hippie. It was part of a group costume with my roommates. We  all went as different decades and it was agreed upon that I should be the 60s. 
Junior year of college 
I think Liesje is the 20s, Monica is the 40s, I’m the 60s, and Miaja is the 50s. 
Decades group costume 
Halloween party junior year

Being a hippie 
Senior year I went as a horse for Halloween. Not my best costume. 
Going as a horse during senior year
In 2014, I went as a Ceiling Fan. I didn’t take pictures of myself in that costume, but here’s the inspiration I used from Pinterest. 
Ceiling Fan: Channel your high school days and grab some pom-poms for this easy peasy get-up. The only thing missing is a custom t-shirt that says ceiling. Go team!   Source: Instagram user kayleebay123:
Ceiling Fan (not me.)
I bought a T-shirt, some iron-on letters and made a shirt that said GO CEILING! I also had pom poms and wore pig tails and a skirt. At the Halloween party I went to, most people chuckled once I explained my costume to them. 
Ceiling Fan | 23 Halloween Costume Ideas For The Pun-Lover In You:
Not me. 
Another year, I was a Smarty Pants by taping Smarties candies onto my pants.

And one time I was a veterinarian.

Halloween candy receptacle 
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Apple Pickin’

Becky showing us an apple

Apple orchard 

Reaching for the best apple. Never settle. 

Me: “I found an apple in this apple tree” 

How do you like them apples? 

Saturday, Becky and I went apple picking at Cherry Hawk Farm in Marysville.

I’d only been apple picking out in Granville and that was back in college so I was long overdue to pick apples and was excited to try a new apple orchard.

We chose Cherry Hawk because it wasn’t too far away, had good online reviews and was close to Dublin.

Cherry Hawk is pretty far out in the country but not a bad drive.
They have a gravel parking area and a little check-in tent where you can buy one large bag for $15, two medium bags for $15 or four small bags for $15. It’s $15 no matter what.

When we went, they had three different types of apples that were ready to be picked.

  • Yellow Delicious
  • Mutsu
  • Enterprise

They were also making homemade apple butter over a big copper kettle pot. We chatted with the folks making the apple butter and I got to stir the pot for a little bit. They said there was over 22 gallons of apple cider in the apple butter!

I brought my nice camera along and so we took some cute pictures of us enjoying the apple orchard. I forgot how much I enjoy taking pictures with my Nikon. I need to use it more and continue taking photographs.

Becky admiring an apple
America’s Next Top Apple Picker Model 

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Fox in the snow

Ham and cheese croissant
Beautiful latte

One of the best coffee shops/ brunch spots in all of Columbus is Fox in the Snow. With 296 Yelp reviews and nearly 5 stars, clearly I’m not the only one who stands by this statement.

The staff is so friendly and just plain cool. They take such pride in their work. You can see the pastries being made in their kitchen which is behind glass and visible when you first walk in. 

The coffee and pastries they make are like pieces of art. All of it tastes as amazing as it looks. 

There’s a nice patio and indoor seating there too. 

Word has spread about how great this place is so it gets pretty crowded on the weekends. In the mornings, the crowd is more reasonable. 

Foxy Debbie 
To-go coffee in the morning
Dark roast coffee
Nom nom nom

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Koble Grill


I went to Koble Grill for lunch today because I’m trying to work my way through Columbus Monthly’s Guide to Uptown Westerville. This morning I went to Java Central and got a Nitro coffee and fruit salad. I’d been to Java Central before and I’m glad I tried their Nitro coffee but it’s still not like my favorite coffee shop or anything. I always have mediocre experiences there. 

At Koble Grill, I ordered a gyro and spanakopita. I think I’ve had a gyro from a street vendor before but that’s about it so I was looking forward to giving gyros another try. I’d also never has spanakopita either and thought it sounded yummy.

I sat at the bar because of what I’d read on Yelp about ordering being awkward. I wish they had a usual set up with servers taking your order at your table. You need to sit down at a table, then order near the back of the restaurant and they’ll bring your food to you. 

Columbus Monthly guide to Uptown Westerville 

My gyro was messy but delicious. I enjoyed the meat and sauce they used. The spanakopita was also messy but yummy. I made the mistake of taking a bite out of it right when it came out and it was extremely hot. I thought it was a bit unusual that my appetizer and meal came out at the same time, but I’ve read that’s happened to other people too.
It’s a beautiful atmosphere inside and a lot of Westerville locals like it. 
They play loud pop music which I didn’t mind but seemed strange for an Italian/ Greek restaurant.

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What I’m Listening To:

Top 5 fav songs right now:

Kids by OneRepublic

I’m a sucker for OneRepublic. The lead singer reminds me of Adam Levine with his pop falsetto voice that could sing the phonebook and I’d still love it. In their latest song, my favorite part is when he sings “SWORE we would never die…” because he sings it in this really high pitched voice that reminds me of a Fetty Wap song. It made me chuckle the first time I heard the song.
I recommend the acoustic version of the song, which can be found on Spotify.

Perfect Illusion by Lady Gaga

Ah, she can do no wrong. Another perfect pop song. And, that key change at the end. Ahh!
I like the repetitive lyrics (“It wasn’t love.”  “It was a perfect illusion.”) It’s a stellar breakup song, for sure. How relatable are those lyrics? You think you’ve found the one but then it falls through and you realize how wrong you were.
I enjoyed reading about how the song was made on Wikipedia (because I’m a nerd.)

Sit Still, Look Pretty by Daya

This girl has such a smooth-like-chocolate voice but a fresh salty attitude. It’s a fun feminist anthem about wanting to do more than just be judged on looks. Beauty isn’t everything. I wish we had more of these female empowerment songs. I look forward to hearing more from Daya. With her strong voice, I know she can go far.

Mrs. Hippopotamuses by Relient K
O-H…I-O! What a perfect song for anyone in Ohio. I already loved Relient K and now I love them even more for writing an awesome song about Ohio. I can’t wait to see them in concert in October.
I like this song mostly because of the Cleveland references and because he sings O-H-I-O. It’s also a well produced song.

New Obsession by Frankie

I heard this song on WNCI this summer because she was performing at Zoombezi Bay for an iHeart Media concert.  At first I thought it was really generic and annoying sounding. The second time, I got it stuck in my head and then I was hooked. Now it’s one of my go-to sing-in-my-car songs. It’s such an upbeat, cheesy, flirty, girly, fun song. If you look at pictures of Frankie or watch her music video, she is what I picture it would look like if Claire’s and Justice created a live teen girl.

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Scheiders bakery

Working in Westerville for so long has helped me learn where the best spots are to grab a bite. One of my favorite lunch time stops has become Schneider’s Bakery. I admit that I keep their menu in the bottom drawer in my desk.

I like Schneider’s because of their reasonable prices. Cookies are 60 cents, donuts 75 cents,  and muffins are 80 cents. It’s so rare to find prices that low at a bakery. They also have a section in the back behind the counter where you can get day-old items for even cheaper. Once, I got a bag full of cookies (including the beloved date pinwheel cookies) for $2.

The staff there is so patient and tolerates me when I point to a pastry and ask “What’s that?” six different times.

Why, yes. Yes, I do. 
Schneider’s is great for the lunch grazer like myself or the business man who wants to impress the office with a dozen of donuts. 
A dozen impressive donuts 
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St Louis Weekend

It’d be neat if Columbus had an icon like the Gateway Arch
Our hotel lobby, from the 8th floor

Somehow, I woke up at 5am. Fiona came to my room to help encourage me to get out of bed but it was still a struggle. Mom drove us to the airport and we caught our flight out at 6:40am. We had a layover in Chicago but stayed on the plane so it was easy.

We arrived in St. Louis around 10:30am and picked up our rental car. On the shuttle bus to the rental car area, we got off the bus and I thought my dad had grabbed my backpack but he didn’t. I raced back to the shuttle bus. The driver held my purple backpack and said, “Yeah I saw someone left this, you look pretty panicked so I assume it’s yours.”

It was too early to check into our hotel so we met up with my aunt and uncle in the Lumiere casino, downtown. We ate breakfast at the casino sports bar where the coffee was lukewarm, service was lousy and the homefries were greasy.

To kill some time, we decided to go to the Budweiser Brewery. It’s great because it’s a free tour. They walk you through the Clydesdale stable, the brew house and you get two free samples.

Trying my dad’s Oktoberfest beer and the Hoegaarden
All of the Budweiser

Uncle Steve, Me, my dad, and Aunt Diane 

After the tour, I took a glorious nap and got ready for the wedding.

The wedding and reception took place at Bissinger’s  which is a chocolate factory in downtown St. Louis. 
The ceremony was inside due to the rain but was still very nice. 
At the cocktail hour, there was of course, chocolates, and many yummy snacks.

The dinner at the reception featured a salad with a caramel dressing, chicken in a chocolate glaze sauce and Ted Drewes chocolate frozen custard. There was not a cake, however later on in the night, there were S’mores.  The s’more S’mores the better!

We wanted a better breakfast than the casino sports bar so we went across the street to the Four Seasons hotel restaurant. It was incredibly fancy. Like so fancy they had a beverage server and a food server. I treated myself to the smoked salmon and sincerely enjoyed it. 

I’d like to have this for breakfast every day, please

We went over to my cousin’s Stephanie house for a family get together in the afternoon. She has such nice decorating tastes so I tried to take notes on home decorating tips I could use in my own place. I tried some St. Louis ribs that were quite yummy. 

Around 4pm, we drove to the airport and headed back to Columbus 
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Simple ways to save money

Part of being an adult is learning to spend money like an adult. The money tree in the backyard has been dead for a while now.  Here’s some of the ways I try to stretch my money on a daily basis:

  • Use coupons
    • This seems like the most obvious way to save money, I know. 
    • I have a coupon organizer where I can sort them into categories like “Food,” “Drinks,” “Bathroom,” “Oral Care,” and “Makeup.” It takes a little bit of organization and maintenance but it is worth it when I look at my receipt and see how much I’ve saved.
    • Only use coupons:
      •  for items you would’ve bought anyway
      •  if the discount is more than 50 cents 
      • and if the coupon is for less than 2 items
  • Get your flu shot at Target
    • Target has a promotion right now where if you get your flu shot at their CVS Pharmacy, you get a $5 gift card. The vaccine was free with my health insurance, so it was a win-win. I was basically paid to get a flu shot. 
  • Check out Goodwill
    • For decorating your home or picking up knick knacks, Goodwill is cheaper than antique shops or other big retailers, plus the pieces there are unique.
  • Buy toilet paper in bulk
    • Think about it, you will always need toilet paper. Buy it in the biggest pack it comes in. 
    • This applies to other household staples like soap, tissues, trashbags, etc, where your demand will stay constant and the items won’t expire. 
  • DIY Manicures
    • You can save so much money just by painting your own nails at home. I’m all for manicures but I like to save them as a treat instead of a regular occurrence. 
  • Groupon
    • You can get some really good deals on Groupon but I think it’s easy to buy things you wouldn’t usually buy just because they are on sale. So, I’d make sure you use Groupon to check for discounts on hair cuts if you were already planning on getting your hair cut. 
  • Order a Cafe Misto at Starbucks
    • A Cafe Misto or Cafe Au Lait is coffee + steamed milk. A latte is espresso + steamed milk. A Cafe Misto is significantly cheaper and quite similar. It’s a good way to save a buck at Starbucks.
  • Request free samples online
    • There’s lots of websites that list who is giving away free samples and how to get them. I’ve gotten samples of feminine hygiene products, shampoo and conditioners, sugars, Emergen-C, cat food, and coupons.  
    • http://www.mysavings.com/freesamples/
    • http://www.sweetfreestuff.com/freesamples/
    • http://www.getitfree.us/freebies
  • Watch gas prices
    • Lately, if I see gas for under $2 somewhere, I’ll fill up. I never know when the price will jump back up again. Carpe Diem. 
    • Use Kroger or Giant Eagle Fuel Perks or Speedy Rewards. Sometimes you can get 3 cents off per gallon or earn points to even more money off a future purchase.  
    • I use an app called Gas Buddy to help me find the cheapest gas prices nearby. 

  • Free Friday at Kroger
    • With my Kroger card, I get emails on Friday morning about a “Free Friday download” so I click on the link, sign in, and download the coupon. Usually the Free Friday item is somewhere up at the front of the store near the check out stations. Buy the item, use your Kroger card, and it’s free! 
    • With this Free Friday, I’ve gotten gummi worms, granola bars, soda, a pack of gum, yogurt, and more.