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Everyone is getting soap for Christmas

On Sunday afternoon, Nate and I walked around Grandview and we stopped in Glenn Avenue Soap Company. 

I’d heard about Glenn Ave. from their commercials at The Gateway film center. I’d also seen them in some local bar’s bathrooms (like Zauber, across the street) and from when I went to a Zumba class at the Brickhouse Cardio Studio that’s right next door.

Walking inside, we were immediately greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable young woman. She explained to us about the organic locally made soaps and answered our questions when we were looking at the beer soaps. She told us that no, they don’t smell like beer but are made with beer that’s given to them by the bars that they have soap dispensers in. The beer soap is supposed to be very good for your skin.

I was kicking myself because I just bought some more bodywash at Ulta Beauty. As soon as I start to run low, I’m going to try one of their beer bar soaps.

I treated myself to a bottle of their famous foaming hand soap in Peppermint and Tea Tree Oil. 
“You and your peppermint,” said Nate, when I bought it.
What can I say, I love peppermint.

I totally want to go back here and give all my friends and family soaps for Christmas. Whether it’s bars of soap, foaming soap, lotion or something else, I think it’s a nice, practical, locally-made gift.

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