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Halloween Costumes Over the Years

Halloween is coming up soon and I wanted to reminiscence about all of the fun Halloween costumes I’ve done in the past.
(Because I don’t know what I want to go as this year. I made a Pinterest board of ideas I like, but I still don’t know)
Cereal killers in 2007
For marching band during my sophomore year, we had a home football game that was close to Halloween so we all dressed up for the game. I had just met Emily last year and we were already best friends. 
We went to Wal-Mart and bought white sweatshirts, plastic silverware, red paint/ fake blood, puffy T-shirt paint and little cereal boxes.  We went back to her house and had a lot of fun making the sweatshirts. Everyone loved our costume. 
Leaf blowers

The next year, we went Trick-or-Treating (as juniors in high school) as Leaf Blowers.

We bought blue sweatshirts, brown hats, fake leaves from Michael’s, and hot glued the leaves onto our outfit. Most importantly is the hat and where the leaf is placed. 
Leaf Blowers 
Fun fact: I still wear those shoes. I looked closer at those pictures and thought, yup those are the shoes I wore this weekend. 
Leaf Blowers
Freshman year of college, I simply reused my Cereal Killer costume. 
Freshman year of college 
Cereal killer again in 2010
Carving a pumpkin in 2010
In 2012, I went as a hippie. It was part of a group costume with my roommates. We  all went as different decades and it was agreed upon that I should be the 60s. 
Junior year of college 
I think Liesje is the 20s, Monica is the 40s, I’m the 60s, and Miaja is the 50s. 
Decades group costume 
Halloween party junior year

Being a hippie 
Senior year I went as a horse for Halloween. Not my best costume. 
Going as a horse during senior year
In 2014, I went as a Ceiling Fan. I didn’t take pictures of myself in that costume, but here’s the inspiration I used from Pinterest. 
Ceiling Fan: Channel your high school days and grab some pom-poms for this easy peasy get-up. The only thing missing is a custom t-shirt that says ceiling. Go team!   Source: Instagram user kayleebay123:
Ceiling Fan (not me.)
I bought a T-shirt, some iron-on letters and made a shirt that said GO CEILING! I also had pom poms and wore pig tails and a skirt. At the Halloween party I went to, most people chuckled once I explained my costume to them. 
Ceiling Fan | 23 Halloween Costume Ideas For The Pun-Lover In You:
Not me. 
Another year, I was a Smarty Pants by taping Smarties candies onto my pants.

And one time I was a veterinarian.

Halloween candy receptacle 

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