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Pokemon Go Tips

Play at different times of the day to see new Pokemon

Here’s some tips I want to share for those who are playing Pokemon Go:

  • Set a goal when you start playing. 
    • I go out “playing” for 30min to an hour usually at a park somewhere and I set a goal for myself. Usually the goal is like “Level Up,” ‘Don’t waste more than 3 Pokeballs on a Pokemon I already have,” “Find a new Pokemon,” or “Find 20 Pokeballs.”  
    • This helps me feel accomplished after I play and makes me feel like I’m a winner. 
  • Vary your playing
    • Go to different places. I’m a fan of walking around the Metro Parks and playing there.  
    • Play at different times of the day. Some Pokemon are much more common at nighttime. I caught some of my favorites around 9 or 10pm. 
  • Don’t waste a lot of Pokeballs on one Pokemon. 
    • The more you play and the more you advance, you’ll notice that suddenly it’s harder to catch Pokemon. They break free more often, they run away, and just avoid being captured. I like to limit myself to a set number of Pokeballs for each Pokemon so I don’t run out of balls too quickly. 
  • Having trouble catching a Pokemon? Run away and then come back. 
    • For whatever reason, this seems to make the Pokemon easier to catch. For example: I’ve wasted 4 Pokeballs, ran away, found the Pokemon, and caught him with one ball.
    • Caution: By running away, you run the risk of not finding that Pokemon again. 
  • It’s okay to discard items. 
    • I learned this when I ran out of Pokeballs but had 50+ Potions and Revives. It’s not the end of the world to discard some of those. You’ll easily find more at other Pokestops.
  • Move around a lot in battles. 
    • I like to doge attacks a lot and found it to be helpful. 
  • Transfer Pokemon that have low CP. 
    • This will give you more space to collect other Pokemon.
    • You get one candy for each transfer
  • Save your evolving for when you have a Lucky Egg. 
    • Evolving gets you a lot of XP so you might as well take advantage of the double XP the Lucky Egg gives you. 
  • Turn off AR to easily catch Pokemon.
    • I admit this does take some of the fun out of the game but it helps make catching a lot easier. They don’t move around as much and it’s easier to aim. 
  • Choose your Evee evolution. 
    • If you rename your Evee “Pyro,” it will evolve into a Flareon, if you want a Vaporeon, nickname the Eevee “Rainer” and for the players who want a Jolteon, they can name their Eevee “Sparky”.
    • I tried this by renaming my Evee Pyro and it worked for me and that was my third Evee evolution. 

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