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Topiary Park

I’ve lived in Columbus since I was in 7th grade and I’ve done a lot of stuff here, in terms of things-to-do main attractions or tourist stops. I was browsing Google Maps (okay yes, to find potential Pokestops) when I stumbled upon this green spot labeled “Topiary Park.” I thought, “Oh, the Franklin Park Conservatory has been mislabeled.” But no, it was something different. I texted my friends and they hadn’t heard of the park either. Sp after work, I booked it over to the park. I had to see it for myself. 
At the Columbus Topiary Park there’s plenty of street parking and parking lots nearby. My meter was free after 6pm. There’s even a gift shop for visitors. All proceeds go to the topiary garden. Unfortunately it was closed when I went. (Meaning I’ll have to go back!)

There’s walkways around the park and benches and tables scattered around. I was most impressed with the small body of water in the middle that boasts topiary boats, a small fountain and gorgeous plants.

The highlight of the park can be seen from upon a small hill. This is where you get the best angle and can fully see how the topiarys come to life to become the famous painting.

This has always been one of my favorite paintings and I think topiarys are so neat so I was so excited to find out this existed in my backyard and that it was so nice. Also, the park was dedicated the year I was born. Coincidence?

Such a Columbus gem!

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