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What have you been up to?

New living room 
Old living room 

I’ve been busy this past weekend and during the evenings after work. Things be a-changin’ in my life. Specifically location wise. Over the weekend, I moved into my new place.

Friday, we rented a UHaul truck for a few hours to move my bigger furniture pieces. You don’t fully realize how much crap you own until you have to move it all to another place. I tried to get rid of some stuff along the way but it still feels like I have a lot.

A highlight of the move for me was hauling my personal belongings from the street inside to the elevator while people stood by smoking, drinking and watching. I can’t blame them for staring because I think I would also passively watch someone else move, if given the chance. I’m also impressed we fit my couch in the elevator. That was a victory.

Saturday, Emily helped me move more stuff, we made smoothies, ate at the North Market and my parents helped me reassemble my bed. IKEA beds are not made to be assembled and reassembled three times but darn-it, this bed refuses to quit. I’m amazed it’s survived this many moves. In the evening, I went out with Nate to Big Bang Piano Bar and Park Street Cantina’s.

Helping my mom 

Sunday, I helped my mom at one of her clinics in Hilliard. It was really busy and so the time went by quickly. I always like seeing the wide variety of dogs and cats. In the evening, we ate at Beer Barrel in Hilliard and loved it. I had an amazing Oreo martini and we got the classic Hawaiian pizza. Our waitress was so sweet and we enjoyed watching the men’s high diving finals on TV.

Found a Drowzee hangin’ out in my hallway 

Monday, I tried to organize my new place and straighten things up. I had a list of areas that needed to be organized, things to buy, stuff that was missing and things to fix.
I figured out why my remote control to my ceiling fan wasn’t working. I was proud of myself for fixing that without having to ask for help. Turns out I had to re-program the remote and sync it up with my fan by holding down a button on the back.
 Another victory occurred when I found my Roku remote and phone charger. I screamed when I found those. I knew that I’d lose something in this move but I feared I wouldn’t lose my remote forever. I found both items in a bag next to some pillows and bedding.
That day, around 9:30pm, I went for a walk in Goodale Park to find some Pokemon. It was me and 100 other people walking around the park staring at their phones.

Tuesday, I cleaned my empty old apartment, moved the rest of the stuff and investigated a leak in my bathroom. Also, watched Futurama and ate a mango frozen yogurt bar.

Investigated why this sprinkler was leaking 

Wednesday, I drove to Pittsburgh and back. It was a long drive but worth it.

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