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Pokemon Go

My new favorite game? Pokemon Go.

I’ve been playing since July 11 and enjoying it so much. 
It’s opened my eyes to new places in Columbus. I was playing it in Grandview and saw a nearby Pokestop and realized it was Four Strings Brewing. I had no idea that was in Grandview! 
I’d never been to Hoover Dam Reservoir but I went there for the first time to get some water Pokemon and realized what a lovely park it is. I went there once after work and then on Tuesday during lunch. I got a wicked sunburn on my neck from walking around looking for Pokemon but it was worth it because during that trip, I gained a level, found a new Pokemon, hatched an egg and took a gym.  
There’s gyms, Pokestops and Pokemon scattered all around town, especially at churches.

I was so surprised to win this battle
Left my Jynx at Hoover’s gym
Won a battle at Hoover Dam

Of course I would find a Psyduck near Hoover

My favorite spots in Columbus to play Pokemon Go: 

  • North High Street/ Short North  
  • Arena District 
  • Park Street 
  • Goodale Park 
  • Highbanks
  • Inniswood Gardens
  • Sharon Woods
  • Oval at OSU
  • Hoover Reservoir Dam 
Known Pokestops I’ve been to:
  • Mural outside Martini on North High St 
  • Park Street Cantina donkey
  • Entrance to Goodale Park 
  • Severl are inside Goodale Park 
  • Entrance to Inniswood
  • Several inside Inniswood
  • Entrance to Sharon Woods
  • Various spots in Sharon Woods
  • Dam at Hoover Reservoir
  • Playground at Hoover Reservoir
  • Mormon Church in Westerville
  • Cemetery near Inniswood Park
  • Huber Village Park sign
  • Huber Village Park playground
  • Pointview Elementary water tower
    In bed with Shellder

Pokestops and Gyms I want to go to soon: 

  • COSI
  • Ohio Stadium- Horseshoe entrance
  • Hounddogs
  • Easton fountain
  • Governor’s mansion
  • Columbus Commons
  • Buckeye hall of fame grill
  • Nationwide Arena 
  • Schmidt’s
  •  Buckeye Donuts

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