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Apartment hunting

Searching for an apartment is stressful. This will be my third time searching and I can’t say it’s easier but I can say I’m more knowledgable.

Previously, I kept a Google Doc to keep track of apartments I was considering. This time, I made a Google Sheet and am keeping track of each place that way. It’s a good way to stay organized and compare each place.

When I visit an apartment, here’s what I take into consideration:

  • Price of rent
  • Availability 
    • Do they have units available in your time frame?
  • Square Feet
  • Application process
    • What paperwork? What fees? Application fee? Deposit? 
    • Sometimes the application fees can be outrageous. 
  • Income verification
    • Do you need to show them paystubs?
  • Carpet
    • I perfer carpet to hardwood so it’s important that it has nice carpet. 
  • Parking
    • Is it free? Is it available? 
  • Bathtub
  • Gas or Electric 
    • I’ve learned I perfer electric. I’ve lived in “gas” apartments and it’s just one more bill to pay. 
  • Bills covered
    • Sometimes they will pay some bills for you or it’ll be included in your rent. 
  • Wifi or cable
    • Is this included? Probably not. 
  • Fitness
    • Is there a walking path? A fitness center in the leasing office?
  • Windows 
    • Nice blinds?
  • Kitchen 
  • Dishwasher
  • Washer/ Dryer
  • Appliances
    • Are they stainless steel?
  • Closet
    • Is it big? 
  • Pantry 
    • I never thought to ask about this so I showed up and realized my unit didn’t have a pantry. A pantry is nicer than shelves. 
  • Pool
  • Location 
  • Close to highway
  • Close to grocery
  • Reviews on Apartmentratings.com
    • This website offers reviews that are written by angry hot-headed people as well as level headed previous residents. Read the reviews carefully. 
  • My Comments
    • What’s your impression? 
    • How does the community look? 

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