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My weekend

I wonder if The Weeknd describes his Weekend to people.

Friday, I worked until 3pm then drove to my foot doctor’s appointment. (Warning: gross talk about feet ahead)
I was concerned about the appearance of my big toe nails. They aren’t supposed to be greenish brown, right? So gross! The doctor cut off a sample of my toenail and sent it off to the lab. She wasn’t sure if it was fungus or another problem from the many ingrown toenails I’ve had throughout my life. I’m at the point where I’d be okay removing the entire big toenail on both feet.

After my appointment, I popped over to the library to quickly pick out an audio book. I checked out Us by David Nicholls and All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. I recognized the cover of this book from when I worked at Barnes and Noble. I remember reading it behind the counter when I was bored. I thought I’d only read the beginning so I thought it would be good to read the entire book.

I picked up the audio books because I knew that I needed something to keep me occupied during my 6 hour drive to Tennessee. I listened to All the Bright Places on my drive down and back up. It was 9 discs that were 11 hours and the drive is 12 hours so that was nicely timed. 

As I was listening to the book, I recognized parts of it! Like, they were my own memories but described aloud. Turns out, according to Goodreads, I read the book back in May 2015 so that’s why I recognized it. Hahaha. I still enjoyed the book a second time and noticed different parts this time around. It reminded me of a John Green novel, like Looking for Alaska or Paper Towns. 

I made it to the cabin around 11pm and was pretty tired. It wasn’t a hard drive, just long. 

Saturday morning, mom and I went to Dollywood. She bought me a season pass which is great so now I can go back again. We usually go at least twice a season so the season pass is the way to go. It was spring break so the park was really crowded. (I mean Dollywood crowded, not Disney World crowded.) We just did a few rides. We watched the bird show and a Celtic rock band. There was an international festival going on so all the traditional shows were replaced by international performances. How cool! 

Saturday afternoon, Dad grilled hamburgers out on the patio and we ate outside. I love cookouts. I hadn’t had a big fat meaty hamburger in a while and forgot how much I like hamburgers. I had a similar sensation on Sunday when I ate some ham and roast beef at the community picnic. The meat melted in my mouth and was so juicy. Yum! 

Sunday morning, we ate a nice breakfast with my grandparents at the Apple Barn. We’d eaten Christmas dinner here and enjoyed that. It was less crowded on Easter but just as good a meal. I ordered quiche with fruit and really liked it. I ate my leftovers today for lunch and they were still phenomenal. 
At 11am, we attended a church service in a rustic church that is in our cabin community. It was a traditional Anglican service, which I’d never experienced before.  It was more call and response than I’m used to. 

After church, we went in the cabin’s hot tub. I wish my apartment had a hot tub! They are amazing. I keep my swimsuit down at the cabin because I always forget to pack a suit. 

At 4pm, we ate dinner at the community picnic which was really neat. 

Then, we drove back to Ohio.

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