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Modern Romance Book Review

Let me tell you about this terrific book I read last year.

I first heard about  this guy Aziz Ansari when he played Tom Haverford on Parks and Rec. Later, I found out he wrote a book about dating, and boy I was intrigued. As I navigate the weird waters of dating the entire male Facebook generation, I knew I wanted to read some insight about this subject from a comedian. Especially, after I really enjoyed his Netflix show “Master of None.”

Before I read the book, I listened to a segment he did on NPR about his book and TV show.  He read a few passages from the book and explained how he teamed up with a sociologist to write the book. That’s one of the aspects I liked most about the book.

It’s not an advice book or a memoir but rather it’s an entertaining sociological commentary on today’s dating culture.

I read “Modern Romance” over Christmas break on my iPad. We were driving through Cades Cove in Tennessee and my grandmother told me the same thing she told my mom when she was little: “If you read the whole car ride, you’ll miss all the neat stuff passing you by.”

I continued reading (and occasionally looking out the window) during the car ride. I highlighted a lot of phrases and facts because I found them so interesting or hilarious.

For example, I learned that OkCupid profile pictures featuring a girl taking a selfie angled down, had a higher percentage of guys liking them. Note to self: take a selfie that’s angled down. And, that some types of “games” can make guys want you more. Like when you wait to text someone back, it creates anticipation. Personally, I try not to play the game of “wait twice as long as they waited to text you back.” I respond when I get a chance.

I was so pleasantly surprised by how the book was so much more than just another book written by a comedian. I’d read Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s book and enjoyed them but those were mostly about themselves.
This book explored how dating has evolved from how our grandparents met their spouses to how people now days sometimes sext or have open relationships. Who would’ve thought 50 years ago we’d be doing that?

I enjoyed how much research went into the book and how in between the scientific study results were classic Aziz funny one liners. His humor bleeds onto the pages.

I learned to remember that while dating you need to keep in mind there’s a real person behind the screen. You need to go meet them in person. It’s internet introduction not internet dating.

I also found out that Buenos Aires sounds like a fun place to visit.

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Easy Marinated Chicken Breast Recipe

I went to my grandmother’s house a few years ago to spend time with her and my grandpa. For dinner, she made this delicious marinated chicken and as a curious college-student at the time, I asked her to show me how she made it. Lucky for me, it was an incredibly simple recipe. 
In honor of her birthday, March 25, I want to feature one of the recipes she shared with me. 
The chicken marinating in a ziploc bag.

  • Ingredients:
    • Chicken breast
    • Bottle of Italian salad dressing
  • Steps: 
    • Pound chicken breast until thickest part is even with rest of the piece. You’re supposed to use a meat mallet but I used a wine bottle because I’m classy like that. 
    • Put the thawed/ refrigerated chicken breasts into a large ziploc bag. 
    • Pour enough salad dressing to coat the chicken breasts so it can soak into the meat. I used the whole bottle because the salad dressing was only like $1.50 at Kroger. 
    • Let the bag-o-chicken sit in the fridge for 30mins. 
    • Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit  (or just crank it up to Fahrenheit 451 if you like that book)  
    • Move the chicken so the juices can soak into all the chicken. I laid it on it’s side for one half hour and then placed it vertically in my empty fresh-foods drawer. 
    • Don’t let the chicken sit more than two hours in the fridge.   
    • Put chicken in the oven. I used a 8 x 8 baking dish and I lived to tell the tale. 
    • Cook chicken in the oven for 20-30 minutes until the juice is clear. 
    • Take chicken out of oven, wait a bit, put chicken in your mouth by using a fork and then say “Mhmmmm…” 

Along with my chicken, I made cheesy potatoes (from some cheap package of powder) and steamed veggies (from a frozen package). I’m fairly talented at finding easy-to-make foods at the grocery story.  I’m a big fan of those bags of vegetables that you just have to throw in the microwave and it steams them magically for you. Actually, any food that you put in the microwave, I’m a fan of. 
The final meal.