MedVet December Campaign


This December, at MedVet, we ran a digital campaign called The 12 Dangers of Christmas.

This campaign was intended to educate pet owners about potential dangers to their pets, building brand trust and adding value to our audience. The goal was to help MedVet stay top of mind as a leader in specialty and emergency pet health care if a pet owner needs an after-hours emergency this Christmas.

The results of our December social media campaign:

  • We published 520 posts on Facebook to our audience of 64,348.
  • Our goal was to get 1,379 Shares across our Facebook pages.
  • We achieved about 80% of our goal. We got 1,097 Shares.
  • We also got 3,561 interactions (likes, shares, comments), 240 clicks and 202,520 impressions.
  • Compare this to the 3,428 Interactions and 501 Shares on our Facebook posts for the November campaign
    • The October campaign had 2,040 interactions and 850 Shares.

Beyond social media, we wrote a blog post related to this campaign and linked to the blog post in most of our social media posts.

Traffic to 12 Dangerous Holiday Pet Hazards blog post:

  • 705 page views in December (650 came from Facebook)
  • Average time on page: 1min 38sec
  • Compare this to our November blog post, Titan’s story, which had 420 page views and an average time on page of 1:09.
  • Our target keywords for this blog post:  Holiday Pet Safety, Holiday Pet Hazards, and Keep Your Pet Safe This Winter.

Screenshots from the campaign

medvet akron

medvet columbus

Dec 8dec 19Dec 21

Graphics from the campaign

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