New laptop

I got a new laptop today.  I’d been planning and thinking about it for several months and finally placed the order earlier in August. I got the new Macbook Pro 13inch without the touch bar. After work today, I went to the Easton Apple store and picked it up.

First thoughts:

It’s so small and lightweight
It’s fast
The keyboard is loud and not as bouncy or fun to type
The trackpad is bigger
The Apple doesn’t glow
It holds a charge much longer
The charger doesn’t light up to tell me if it’s charging or complete
The charger isn’t magnetic
Doesn’t have USB ports
Speakers are on the side of the keyboard
I have so much space
It doesn’t have my Snow White decal on the front
Doesn’t have my stickers on the bottom
Doesn’t have a case
Doesn’s have Microsoft Word
Doesn’t have a keyboard cover
It doesn’t have that light on the front that showed the laptop breathing (It would glow brightly like it was inhaling then go dark almost like it was exhaling).

My laptop came with a pair of Beats headphones which so far are quite comfy. I don’t regret getting the bright purple and pink colored headphones. Purple is my favorite color!

I bought my Macbook Pro in July or August of 2010 before I started Denison. I didn’t have a laptop in high school. I would use my family’s computer at home. That laptop served me well through college, came with me on my study abroad trip to Copenhagen, helped me during my summer internships and came with me after graduation as I wrote articles for ThisWeek News. I would take it on road trips and pop in a DVD to watch. I would curl up in bed with it, watching Netflix, writing something or doing something or another online.

Now, it’s like I have this stranger in bed next to me. I love sitting in bed with my laptop perched on my lap. I know it’ll take some getting used to but I hope I learn to like this new laptop. Hey, it’s faster and lighter which is what I wanted in a new laptop.  I hope this one serves me another solid 8 years.

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