My Weekend

My den

With Nate being out of town, I found myself finally having time for myself and I wanted to take a moment to a) write in a spot that’s not on my phone or in my journal b) update my website with a fresh blog post and c) share what’s on my mind with you.


I went in early to work, toting two thermoses full of coffee. One spilled in my purse.
I sent out an external email about the Tax Free Weekend and encouraging people to buy school supplies for Operation Backpack. I was proud of myself for putting together that email so quickly and getting the team’s feedback in about 5 hours. Usually, I like to work on these external emails a week ahead of time but things have been really busy with Operation Backpack, the merger and being down a team member.

I left work at 2pm since I’d been working overtime this week and went to drop off some free Ohio State Fair tickets to my horseback riding instructor. I’d received the tickets Wednesday at our Operation Backpack station event and posted on Facebook asking if anyone wanted the free tickets.

At home, I conquered the sink full of dishes and ran the dishwasher. From 4 to 6pm, I sat perched in my bed, watching Cleveland 19’s Operation Backpack Live event and sharing pictures Becky was sending my on social media. (As I was streaming, the same commercial kept playing over and over. Every commercial break, it would be 3 minutes of the same 15 sec ad for transitional lenses, a product I don’t use. Video advertising at it’s worst.)  I’d been sharing and posting for these Live Nights all week so I was relieved this was the last event of the year. It’s a lot of posting and I worry I’m bombarding followers.

From 6-11pm, I was at the Dublin Irish Festival volunteering. I sold tokens, like I’ve done for the past two years. Only at the Dublin Irish Festival, do they use iPads to sell the tokens and meticulously stack the tokens in piles of 6. (What if someone orders 5 tokens? We don’t speak of that. Keep stacking.)  It’s pretty much the opposite of volunteering at ComFest. This shift was incredibly busy from 7pm to 10pm. We always had a long line and the iPads were slow to process the credit cards. I found my groove by listening to the orders and placing the correct number of tokens on the counter. This helped the person on the iPad and kept things moving along.

The mug life didn’t choose me. I chose to volunteer to sell mugs at the Irish Fest. 


I went to brunch with my friend Kelly. We were going to go to First Watch but the wait was too long so we went to Panera instead. I always love hearing what’s new with Kelly and enjoy her positive attitude. It was nice to catch up with her.

For the rest of my afternoon, I did laundry, read my stack of magazines (Columbus CEO, Columbus Monthly, Glamour and Real Simple), watched some YouTube videos and a little bit of the new Orange is the New Black season (this new season isn’t really my jam, but I’ll stick with it.)

Around 5:30pm, I met Emily at the Irish Fest. It was so crowded that I parked in Hilliard and walked over. Not literally, but it felt that way. I had an extra ticket from volunteering and Emily had won 2 tickets at work, so I did my good deed for the year and gave my extra ticket away to a lucky man who was about to pay for his ticket.
We got some Killians and made a beeline to the Celtic Canines. I love seeing the Irish Wolf Hounds. And I like the Irish Setters and pretty much all the show dogs. They had these adorable Irish Fest bandanas.
We got some Cornish Pasties for dinner (then Graeter’s ice cream), bought some sterling silver rings and earrings from Ireland (we buy from the same woman every year, I’m quite loyal to her. I consider her my “jeweler.” Can you have a “jeweler” if you only ever buy $20 worth of rings or earrings?). We watched some Irish Dancing and I really appreciated it when the young women danced to an Irish dance cover of “Shape of You” by Ed Sheeran. Good song choice.

Screenshot of a Snap
Look at the legs of that Irish wolfhound
Rings from my “jeweler” 


I slept in until 10am, heated up a quiche from Trader Joe’s, made coffee using this reusable pour over filter thing. I ground up the beans (from Upper Cup), put them in the filter, put the filter on top of my Patrick Star coffee mug, and then poured hot water from my Keurig over it.

I watched the movie “The Pretty One.” I’d rented it from the library because I loved “Ruby Sparks” so much and wanted to see more of Zoe Kazan.
“The Pretty One” is about a set of twins. One lives in the big city and has become quite the fashionista and the other twin still lives at home and feels inadequate in comparison to her twin. Together, the homebody twin goes to the salon and gets her hair cut just like the stylish twin. Driving back, they get into a car crash and the stylish twin dies. But, with her new haircut, her dad thinks the homebody twin has died. The girl has amnesia and doesn’t fully realize the mix up until a few days later when she’s attending her own funeral and no one says any parting remarks about her.  She goes on to move into her twin’s apartment, take her job, meet her friends. Eventually, she comes clean and admits who she is, and her friends and family are upset. But, they forgive her, move on, and she’s a better person after this experience.  Solid movie, a bit long. Would watch again.

I researched what Macbook I want to buy some more because I’m still so unsure if I want the new Macbook Pro. I’m worried about only having the 2 ports. I researched adapters on Amazon and they seem reasonably priced.

I wanted to take a bath and continue reading “The Myth of the Nice Girl” but ran out of bath bombs. Luckily, I live next to The North Market so I swung in and bought a lavender bath bomb from Better Earth.  I adore reading books in a warm bath.

Nate called me and said he’s busy on his work trip and misses me. I miss him too. I told him about my Lazy Sunday and he pointed out that it sounded like quite a productive Sunday to him. We have different definitions of lazy.

I watched some more YouTube. I watched a few episodes of Girl Starter because it had Claire Coder (who is so amazing) and reminded me of The Apprentice, minus Trump.

Then I watched old Vines on YouTube and missed Vine.

Oh yeah, I also walked over to Jeni’s and got some rainbow sherbert.

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