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The 7 Things I Like

1. Dem Boots
I just ordered these Merrell Captiva Buckle Up Waterproof Boots online from Nordstrom Rack on Monday and so I hope that a) they fit, b) are comfortable c) I wear them a lot

Hopefully they are made for walkin’

2. Pumpkin Spice Lattes
I’ve had two so far. #BasicWhiteGirl and am fairly proud of that fact. #PSL4Eva

3. Local Matters
They are an amazing local charity, set in German Village, that puts on cooking classes that are pay-what-you-can. Other cooking classes are just too expensive and out of reach. The classes offer a pretty laid back and supportive environment. No question is a bad question. I went to one class that was about how to cook without a recipe and yesterday I went to a class where we made a vegetable stir fry, fried rice and tofu. 
4. Fiona
Lil’ Bear aka ‘Ona aka Brown Butt aka Fluffy Monster aka Leona aka Fi aka She Who Has a Lot of Nicknames 
She’s my parent’s dog but she’s still incredibly cute, playful, fluffy, fun and always energetic and happy. 
My roommate showed me this video from The Ellen Show and it was honestly the best thing I’ve seen in a long time. It was incredibly entertaining, pleasing and enjoyable. As in, it’s my new favorite video. 
6. Cold brew coffee
If I had known how easy cold brew coffee was, I would’ve started a long time ago. 
 I put 2-3 scoops of coffee grounds in a mason jar, fill the jar with tap water, let sit 12-24 hours, pour out the coffee through a coffee filter and/ or strainer. I’ll usually microwave the coffee before I drink it. 
It tastes much less bitter and acidic than regular coffee. 
We went here Monday morning and had a really great time. It’s one of the best activities/ museums/ aquariums I’ve been to. I like that it’s so kid-friendly (there’s playgrounds inside the aquarium and special viewing spots for kids), they have a wide variety of fish and other animals to see, there are helpful descriptions of the animals and that it’s well kept up. 
We pet a jellyfish, saw seahorses, dragon fish, went into this cool underwater shark tunnel, and saw the Penguin Playhouse.  
Penguin may not be to scale 

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