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La Chatelaine French Bakery and Bistro

One of my favorite places to stop in for a pastry and coffee before work is La Chatelaine French Bakery and Bisto.  I go to their location on Lane Ave in Upper Arlington but they are also in Worthington and Dublin. I like this bakery because it’s open early enough that I can pop in before 8am and there’s such a wide selection of delicious pastries that it’s always tough to choose just one. I’ve had three or four of their pastries by now and I’ve never been disappointed.

 The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful. I went there this morning and a woman recommended the apple turnover as her favorite and wow, it was amazing.

I asked her what they did for Bastille Day (I couldn’t help notice the red white and blue balloons still up) and she said they had a big turnout for their $17.90 dinner. Then we both agreed that the tragedies in France recently have been awful and made the world a scary place to live in.

 I’m happy Columbus has such a nice French bakery and bistro.


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