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Worthington Farmer’s Market Haul

This morning I went to the Worthington Farmer’s Market  for the first time. 
I’d heard it ranked as one of the best in Ohio so I wanted to experience it for myself. 
Personally, I think Granville is the best farmer’s market but Worthington definitely had more vendors. It was overwhelming how many tents and vendors there were. 
One thing I love about farmer’s markets is the dog watching. Today, it was almost 90 degrees so all the dogs that were walking around were panting and looked a bit uncomfortable. I saw one dog that looked like a bernese mountain dog/ boxer/ lab mix. 
Here’s my Farmer’s Market haul:
My first purchase was a $2 cup of coffee from Silver Bridge.  I got the Salted Carmel flavor and really enjoyed that. They have such a wide variety of fun flavors at Silver Bridge. I went over to the cream and sugar part of the table and saw they had flavorings behind the table. I asked the young girl if I could get a pump of carmel in my coffee and she informed me the flavors are only for iced coffee. Note to self: Get an iced coffee next time so I can get the pump of carmel flavoring. 
On the street, this young man was handing out samples of Beer Bratwursts from Oink Moo Cluck and that delicious free sample is why I bought these $4.50 bratwursts. I’m not 100% sure how to cook them. I talked to the young man for a good while asking him how to cook them and he told me I can boil them in hot water and cook them in the oven for 10 minutes. Sounds suspiciously easy. At first he told me to grill the meat and I told him I didn’t have a grill. His next question was whether I had an oven or not. Come on, who doesn’t have an oven? 
I bought these $2 cheddar scones from a woman who was selling a wide variety of pastries. I almost bought this key lime tart she had. She saw my Columbus Arts Festival shirt and told me she had baked 100+ Art Shark cookies and had the image of the shark burned into her mind so seeing the shark on my shirt gave her flashbacks. That made me laugh. 

This was my favorite purchase and I will definitely get it again. This $6 ham and cheese croissant from Dan the Baker is phenomenal. As in, tastes like perfection. The ham is so juicy and there’s multiple types of cheeses baked in, including gruyère. I went to the Farmer’s Market searching for a delicious breakfast pastry and I found it!

This post reminds me of those “haul” YouTube videos girls make all the time whenever they shop at Target. But my post is with food. 

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