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Another Tennessee weekend

I’m watching Dancing with the Stars while I’m writing this. Nyle from America’s Next Top Model is
on. It’s “Disney night” so Nile is shirtless and dressed as Tarzan. Talk about eye candy!
Nyle is one of my favorite ANTM contestants and I’m so happy he’s successful after the show.

Friday, I left work a bit early to go to my foot doctor follow up appointment. Apparently my big toenail does not have a fungus. If it’s not a fungus then it’s just plain gross. The doctor said she would remove the toenails for me, so that’s something I’m going to think about in the near future. It’s a permanent decision so I want to carefully think about it.

After my appointment, my mom, Fiona and I drove down to Tennessee. It’s a long drive. We listened to a little bit of “I’ve got your number” by Sophie Kinsella and talked. I also read a book about Sassy Girls dating but I didn’t like the book. The author argued girls should approach guys and make up a story like “My friend and I were just talking about James Bond. What do you think is the best James Bond movie?” The way she framed it just felt awkward, manipulative and creepy. I’d rather just organically go ask the guy a sincere question.

Saturday, my mom and I went to Dollywood. It wasn’t crowded! We got there right when it opened so we were able to ride all the roller coasters within like two hours. We road the Wild Eagle twice. The first time, I rode in the front row on the outside and it was so disorienting. Like, I forgot I was on a roller coaster and felt like I was just soaring. It was scary and fun! We rode in the back the second time and it was a lot less scary to see the rest of the coaster in front of us.
We watched a “Heart of Africa” show that was more like a circus show than an African dance show.
In the afternoon, my grandparents came over and we hung out at the cabin. My parents and grandparents went to go see “The Hatfields and McCoys” while I stayed home, took a bubble bath and read. I stayed up late Saturday night reading the YA novel “What We Saw.” I’m planning on writing a book review about it soon. So stay tuned.

Sunday, we all went to a flapjack house for breakfast. My dad dropped us off to go park and the hostess was on point because as soon as we walked in he said” 1,2,3,4 and one must be driving so 5! Right this way.” I was impressed. My mom and I shared a Mexican omlette that also came with two pancakes. It was a lot of food even for two people.
We took Fiona on a nice short walk near Gatlinburg. I love hikes, especially near the Smokies and with Fiona. She’s such a mountain dog. The trail had a river alongside it and some parts the water would be calm and still while others would have more rocks in the wall so it’d be this pretty gushing white flow of water.

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