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North Market

Before I started at Nationwide, I’d only really been to the North Market for the Wine Festival in July. Now, I’ve been to the North Martket several times for lunch and I always enjoy the selection of food vendors. So much to choose from! Here are my thoughts on the places I’ve tried so far:

Pastaria: On July 8 I got the Pesto Pasta for $8 because the sample dish they had out looked delicious. Unfortunately, it was only delicious looking. It tasted really pesto-y and oil-y. I didn’t enjoy it. I felt gross after I ate it. I’m not hating on them because it was my fault for ordering something I didn’t like. Now I know not to get that again.
Previously, I got the Caesar salad from there and loved it. It was a huge portion of delicious salad with lots of dressing.
Entrees come with bread which is always great.
Price- $8 for pasta and $6 for entree size salad. $1 for drinks.

Bubbles: The Tea and Juice Company: I’ve gotten smoothies here and a bubble tea. I’d heard of bubble tea and wanted to try it. I learned I’m not a fan of it. It was too strange for me to be swallowing/ chewing on tapioca balls in my drink.
I do like their smoothies. I got an Orange Creamy smoothie when I had a sore throat and it felt really great. I think it helped me feel better too because it was loaded with fresh ingredients and vitamin C.
The guy who works there is always nice but there is usually a line so I can’t chat much.
Price- $4-5 for a smoothie

Best of the Wurst:  I had the most delicious 4 Cheese grilled cheese ever here. Like, that grilled cheese was better than sex. It was a billion types of cheese on the best ciabatta bread known to mankind. It literally had Havarti, Munster, mozzarella and American grille don white ciabatta.
I want to go back there and try a hot dog…and get that grilled cheese again.
Price- It was something like $6 I think

Coffee & Ham and Cheese Croissant 

Pistacia Vera: On July 6 I had the most delicious ham and cheese croissant and coffee from them. The croissant was soft and flaky and the coffee was dark and mysterious. Just how I like my men too.
Price- My ham and cheese croissant was $4 and the coffee was $2

Brezel: I’ve been here twice and I think I got the coconut pretzel both times. It’s very messy and the flakes always flake off. That just comes with the territory, I suppose. But I don’t want to wear my pretzel, I want to eat it. I wasn’t wowed by the pretzel place. Nothing’s wrong with the pretzels but they aren’t like extraordinary.
Price- most pretzels are a flat $5

Omega Artisan Baking: This is one of my go-to favorite places. I’ve gotten bread from them twice. My favorite is their pretzel bread but they usually only have it Thursday or Friday. You can get bread scraps (that aren’t scrappy!) for only 85 cents. I want to try their croissants and their pizza roll creation.
Price: very reasonable. 2-3 of the bread samples is filling  enough. I got a pretzel roll and some bread scraps and it was just $2-3.

Market Blooms: I bought a nice card for my cousin here. She recently had a baby. They have a wide selection of cards that are pretty unique.
Price- $3.50 for one card

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