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My Review of Albany Woods

I’m moving out of my apartment soon and I wanted to share with others the nice time I’d had and why I’d recommend others move there too.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time at Albany Woods and would recommend it to anyone. First, the apartments are big. You get a lot of square feet for what you pay. It’s a good rate compared to other New Albany apartments.

I liked being within biking distance of the library, churches and the Kroger grocery store. The pool is very nice and often used by the residents. It closes in the winter and opened Memorial Day weekend.

There was always plenty of parking for myself and guests. It was never an issue.

The walking trail around the property is something that really sets Albany Woods apart. It’s great for walking and jogging at any time of day. There is also a nice dog park and community garden.

The dumpster was near my apartment so taking out the trash wasn’t a big deal. If you’re ever looking for free crappy furniture, that’s the place to go. There were always couches, TV stands, mattresses and other random old furniture there.

They also have a 24hr fitness center connected to the leasing office. It has two TVs, an elliptical, weight machine and two treadmills. It’s hardly ever used so it’s a nice workout room.

I had soft fluffy carpet (while a weird color, it hid stains nicely) that I liked. I also had nice stainless steel appliances.

The leasing staff was always very friendly. They would answer my questions and be happy to grab packages that were held for me. In the leasing office, there is free Starbucks coffee, movie rentals, book rentals, newspapers, magazines, printers and computers. Best of all, they often had freshly baked cookies. It’s a great leasing office!

I often felt that the grounds were very quiet, like a nursing home almost. I always felt safe, especially with the gate. Even for living relatively near the highway, the noise was not an issue. I was worried it would be an issue but it never bothered me.

Maintenance requests can be made online and are responded to in a timely fashion. The men are very friendly and leave a note inside when they’ve completed the request. I never had any major maintenance requests that weren’t properly handled. Maintenance was very good about salting and plowing during the winter. They did their best.

The only reason I’m moving is because of the location. I want to be closer to downtown Columbus and right now it’s a 15-20 minute drive with no traffic.

They do have an online rent payment system but it doesn’t seem to take the money out on time and so I’ve heard horror stories about people being charged late fees when they use the system.

In regards to other complaints: yes, there was flooding around the grounds but it was just after a big rain storm came through. The gates did stay open in the cold weather to prevent the gates from freezing, so it was for a justified reason. I never saw a lot of dog poop in the grass, like previous people have complained about. Someone mentioned garages are rented out for storage to people who don’t live there. From what I observed, that is correct. But, I never wanted to pay the $80 a month for a garage anyway so it was fine. The stairs were fine in my opinion and like I said, noise wasn’t an issue.

If you’re considering moving to Albany Woods, I’d say go for it! You won’t be disappointed.

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