Family Vacation in Florida


May 23-27
My mom’s side of the family met up in Destin, Flordia for a nice beach vacation. We’d gone here 5 years ago and so it was fun to revisit and compare how the town had changed. Generally, it had grown more tourist-y and become a beachy Pigeon Forge.

I went jet-skiing, para sailing, swimming in the ocean, swimming in the pool, night time walk on the beach, and didn’t get a sunburn. Success!


I went para sailing at Disney World a few years ago by myself and thought it was fun. It was even more fun to do it with Nate. It’s so quiet way up there.  I never fully relaxed or stopped being terrified while I was all the way up.  I secretly wanted to get down but it was still really neat and I’m glad I did it even it it was scary.


Nate started out driving the jet ski then I took over for a while to show him the ropes. I’ve ridden a jet-ski lots of times with my dad but this might’ve been my first time driving one. It reminded me of cantering on a horse in the sense that you need to look straight ahead, watch where you’re going and you’re going super fast. 
Harry T’s at The Harbor Creek Village. My grandpa is named Harry Tucker so we’re big fans of Harry T’s and ate dinner there. 


After para sailing. 


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