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Should I stay or should I go?

My lease at my current apartment complex is up at the end of August. It’s crazy to think that this time last year I was apartment hunting and really nervous about moving to a new apartment. Now, I’m right back in that boat: apartment hunting and really scared about moving. If I’m scared about moving, then I should probably stay where I’m at, right? Nah. I don’t want to “get stuck” or complacent somewhere and I do get excited about the thought of a new place and learning about a new area. As much as I love my comfort zone, I think a new apartment will be a nice shove outside the comfort zone.

I wanted to take a minute to journal my thoughts about what I like and dislike about my current apartment complex and the one I’m considering moving to.

Albany Woods

stock photo of Albany Woods

  • Big. A lot of square feet for what I pay. 
  • Soft fluffy carpet
  • Nice stainless steel appliances 
  • Within biking distance of library
  • Within biking distance of Kroger grocery store
  • Pool (that I’ve never used)
  • Walking trail around the property, which I do use once a week or so
  • 24hr fitness center that I use. It’s not the nicest gym area in the world but it gets the job done
  • Free parking
  • Very quiet, like a nursing home almost. 
  • Quick maintenance reponse
    stock photo of Albany Woods.
    I would never own those bed sheets. 


  • Arguably ugly carpet
  • Bugs. I’ve found stink bugs, spiders, flys and even a moth last night. I realize this is typical and I am not saying it’s infested with bugs, I’m just extra grossed out by any kind of bug.
  • Sometimes I heard my neighbor’s dogs barking but usually it wasn’t that often
  • View of a parking lot. My window looks out on the parking lot which is nice for checking on my car but otherwise unattractive. 
  • Removed from Columbus. I find myself driving 20mins downtown when I want to go somewhere cool. 
  • Commute to work. Some days I hit traffic and that can make my commute time so unpredictable. 1 hour or 20mins?
  • Neighbors and community members keep to themselves and are older generally

Heritage Apartments

  • Free Internet (a savings of $35 a month for me)
  • Free Cable. 80 channels. I could watch MTV!! 
  • Grandview area. I’ve heard great things about this area. 
  • Pool
  • 24hr fitness center
  • Closer to work
  • Closer to downtown
  • Lots of neat small businesses to check out
  • More young people
  • Kroger right across the street
  • Unit would be inside, like a dorm, so hopefully less bugs sneaking in. 
  • Free parking
  • Worst comes to worst, I can sublease my apartment out to someone else
  • the dumpster and mailboxes nearby
  • Bar, grill, and pizza place in the apartment community


  • I’ve read some bad reviews online. 
  • Would still have a gas bill, electricity bill and utility bill
  • The outside of the buildings look less nice
  • Smaller unit than what I have now
  • Could be loud. Could have loud neighbors. Maybe the walls are thin
  • Expensive and arguably overpriced
  • Could be more unsafe than the area I’m in now 
  • I heard online that people received huge utility bills after they moved out. 
Any thoughts? 

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