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Last weekend, I went to the Columbus Arts Festival downtown. 
I’d never gone before and was amazed at the sheer number of vendors there were. You could find any type of art medium for sale there. All the artists were incredibly talented. 
I was also excited to be in an area of Columbus that I don’t venture down into very often. 

I think it’s genius of the ArtsFest to have such an adorable mascot: the ArtShark. See him pictured above. I proudly bought a t-shirt with him on it and got a magnet of the shark. He’s the kind of shark I want to hang with and he probably gets kids excited about art. 

Even though the Riverfront is undergoing some major construction, it’s still fun to see all of the tall buildings and liveliness of the city.


I couldn’t resist buying a cute ArtsFest t-shirt. The proceeds went to the Faith Misisons charity in Columbus. I also got a “Mojo-dilla” from the MojoTago food truck. It was delicious but so messy.

I knew that I wanted to splurge and buy something at the ArtsFest. I saw jewelry, art prints and pottery that I liked. It was tough to make a decision. I asked myself which item I would use most and I told myself, “Well, I could wear a necklace very often, look at the art print every day or use a coffee mug ever week.”

We spent a lot of time in this one tent of a potter named Scott Martin. He works with his wife and shows in both Florida and Michigan. I was obsessed with the purple glaze he used in his pottery. After talking with him for fifteen minutes, I purchased a purple bowl that he made. It’s microwave and dishwasher safe, which is great.  
I hope I can go the ArtsFest next year.

The bowl I got at the ArtsFest

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