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Cheap crescent roll creations

Dining with Debbie

I come home and the very last thing I want to do is cook. But, I’m hungry. So, I’ve gotten creative in my cheap and quick cooking.

Here is how you can also make cheap crescent roll creations:


  • generic tube of crescent rolls 
  • marinara pizza sauce
  • shredded cheese
  • pepperoni
  • milk and white chocolate chips
  • hot dogs


Lay down some parchment paper over your baking pan so you don’t immediately ruin the Food Network baking pans your Grandma gave you for your 21st birthday. That stupid black stuff cannot be easily scrubbed off!

For the pizza creation:

  • Toss the dough as high as possible. Imagine the dough squealing “higher, dad, higher!” Then catch the dough. You can make a mini pizza by laying down sauce, cheese and pepperoni. If you don’t do it in this order, it will explode. Then, either roll it up or leave it as a pizza. Go crazy! 

    Stuff them full of choco chips

    For the chocolate croissant:

    • Press the white and milk chocolate chips lightly into the dough and carefully roll the dough up. Make sure the dark and white chips are touching each other. Explain to the chips that while they may look different on the outside, they are all delicious and beautiful. They will spill out and you’re allowed to be furious. I stuffed mine so full of chocolate chips that the dough begged me to stop shoving chocolate chips inside. No can do. 

    Pigs in blanket:

    • Insert pig. Wrap him in cold wet doughy blanket. Kiss him goodnight.  Love you, piggie. 
    Follow the instructions on the shredded piece of paper from the crescent roll package. Yeah, the one you threw away underneath the old coffee grounds. That one.

    Usually it’s 11-13 minutes at 375 degrees. Oh yeah,you should’ve preheated your oven already. Didn’t you read my mind? #sorrynotsorry

    Put on adorable oven mitts. Talk to the oven mitt. Assure it that every little thing is gonna be alright.

    Take out the flaming hot pan of delicious crescent roll creations. Let cool. No seriously, step away for a minute and go watch a YouTube video. 
    Now, eat them. Eww, not like that. 
    A true culinary masterpiece

    Note: these are in no way healthy, gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan, or sugar free. But they are cheap and easy.

    “I eat cookie sheets for brunch!”

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