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Thougths on BlurryFace

I wrote about my experience with twenty one pilot’s album “Vessel” when I first heard it and now I want to share my thoughts on their new album “BlurryFace.”

All throughout April, I was excited about the songs that were being slowly released. 
First, it was “Fairly Local” which I liked and thought was pretty different than anything on “Vessel.” 
Then, it was “Tear in my Heart” which at first I was annoyed at how “pop”-y it sounded and how the lyrics felt less than meaningful. But now it’s grown on me. It was stuck in my head over vacation and I learned to appreciate the catchy chorus and fun bridge. He sings about cursing the government for filling potholes with cement and all I could think was how potholes are actually filled with coldpatch. Haha. 

The next single released was “Stressed Out” which is an amazing music video and I think the song nicely sums up who the band is. The music video seems like it was filmed at their actual houses in Columbus and follows them as they meet up to jam out. I love the handshake they do. This was the first song that mentioned Blurryface, who is speculated to be the band’s alter ego that represents insecurity.
 Beyonce = Sasha Fierce and twenty one pilots = Blurryface  
Josh and Tyler

I was struck by how their new album sounds more “pop”-y versus their previous more alternative sounding album. I’m not complaining because I love the catchy beats and lyrics. However, I miss the depth that “Vessel” offered. That’s why I got so hooked on them originally. Vessel’s main theme seemed to be about suicide (“What kids are doing are killing themselves/They feel they have no control of their prisoner’s cell”- Fake you out)
 Whereas this new album’s theme is more about relationships (But it takes someone to come around/ To show you how/ She’s the tear in my heart”- Tear in my Heart) and self consciousness (“My name’s Blurryface and I care what you think.”- Stressed Out) I suppose these two themes are more relatable and appeal to a broader audience but they aren’t as complex. 

I’m fascinated when Tyler sings such blunt lyrics like “I wish I had a better voice that sang some better words” and “”Honest, there’s a few songs on this record that feel common.” I love artists who bear their soul like that and aren’t afraid to admit that they have human insecurities too. 

The Billboard and Alt Press review of the album noted the reggae feel of the album and that’s honestly something I didn’t immediately pick up on. It didn’t feel overpowering or noticeable to me. Although now when I listen to “Ride” or “Message Man” I think Oh, it does sound reggae.  

My least favorite song is “Doubt” because it sounds annoying and repetitive. Another reviewer said it’s one step away from a bad Chris Brown song, and I agree with that. It’s the kind of song that you skip because it hurts your ears to listen to. 

If I had never heard the song “House of Gold” then I wouldn’t be as obsessed with twenty one pilots. On their new album, “The Judge” is another good ukulele ballad similar to “House of Gold.” I don’t think it’s on the same high level as “House of Gold” but I was pleased to see the ukulele make a reappearance. 

At work recently, I’ve had “Not Today” stuck in my head and I find myself wanting to clap along and sing aloud to it. It’s just a great catchy song that’s fun for the whole family. Err… a non-traditional younger generation family. 

So, remember: twenty one pilots came out with a new album. It is different than the first one. It is also good. And I’m excited to see them when they come to CBus!! 

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