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8 Ways to Use your Keurig

This machine can do more than just coffee

Keurigs can be used for more than just a quick cup of coffee. Get the most out of your machine by using it for other things.

Mind-blowing ways to use your Keurig:

  1. Make hot water for ramen or those instant macaroni cups. This is great for college students or if you don’t want to boil water on the stove and get another pan dirty. 
  2. Use the hot water for instant oatmeal. Save time in the morning by quickly getting your hot water from the Keurig. Pour the oatmeal into a bowl and place the bowl under the Keurig. Plus, oatmeal is healthy and keeps you full longer than other breakfast foods. 
  3. Hot water for cleaning around the house. 
  4. Make hot tea. No more boiling water over the stove or microwaving water. The Keurig is happy to give you hot water if you press the button without a K Cup inside. 
  5. Make hot cocoa. You can either buy the specific hot chocolate K Cups or you can pour a packet of hot cocoa mix into a mug and put it under the Keurig and use its hot water. I think the latter option is cheaper. 
  6. Make your own K Cup. I bought one of those reusable K Cups so that I can put my own coffee inside. I feel like I’m saving money when I use it because it seems cheaper to buy a bag of Folgers or Starbucks coffee that’s already ground up than to buy K Cups. Be sure to clean your reusable K Cup frequently. 
  7. Prepare iced drinks by placing ice inside your cup before running through the brew cycle. It’s just like making iced tea or iced coffee. Feel free to add lots of cream and sugar if you want. 
  8. Use your K Cup twice. To save money and get lighter tasting coffee, your K Cup can take a second pass through. The package says you’re not supposed to do this but I’ve heard of K Cups lasting up to three brew cycles. If you’re feeling rebellious, reuse the K Cups. 
This is the reusable K Cup I bought.
I can put whatever coffee grounds I want inside. 

I jumped on the Keurig band wagon late because I didn’t want to give up my old coffee maker. I thought, I’m fine just doing things the old fashioned way and it’s really not that much trouble.

When my friend, Olivia, moved back overseas she offered her Keurig to me so I bought it from her. I discovered what everyone else already knew: Keurigs are helpful. My favorite part about the Keurig is how easy clean up is. You just throw the old K Cup away. No more rinsing out the coffee pot or having a smelly trash can filled with old coffee beans.

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