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And I was like why are you so obsessed with that song?

Obsessed with songs

   I was thinking about this today when driving to the barn and then my roommate mentioned how she was again listening to Everyone is Gay by A Great Big World. She was blasting this song all weekend and listening to it nonstop. I couldn’t believe she was listening to it again and instinctually rolled my eyes (then apologized.) How could she be so into that song? Before that it was Say Something, then it was Brave by Sarah Barellias and around Christmas time it was All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey. There’s always a song she’s constantly playing. Every week. I love my roommate, even her song binges.

    I do it too. I’m the same. I hear a song, get it stuck in my head and become OBSESSED with it. Playing it on repeat over and over and trying to memorize it. Thinking about it then learning about the artist. I’ve been there done that.  It’s not something that is unique to me. Lots of people do it.

   Heck, I want to invent a new social media platform where instead of status updates you would post the name of the Song you are currently obsessed with. That reveals so much about you. I suppose that kind of already exists with Spotify.

   I usually become obsessed with songs from what I see on MTV or VH1 when I watch the music videos (yeah they still show those in the morning.) I also get influenced from my friends, Spotify, Pandora, TunedIn, IHeartRadio and whatever songs I listen to in the morning. Those so get stuck in my head.

   One of the more recent songs I got obsessed with was Chocolate by The 1975. I got into that song last semester when I found it on a friend’s Spotify playlist. I liked the song and kept listening to it. I felt so cool listening to this obscure British band. I made a mix cd and included it on it. I jammed out to it on one of my teenage-angst-filled drives. I got their CD for Christmas and listened to the song more. Then today I heard the song on 97.9 WNCI on the Ryan Seacrest show. How did that song go from being “my” song to the “radio’s” song? I’ll admit I try (and fail) to be a hipster about music. I liked Chocolate because no one else did. Now, everyone and their cousin knows about it so I like the song less. Something about teenage or college culture makes it so cool to be a hipster about music. When I say hipster, I mean “Oh you don’t know this band/song because they are obscure/ underground/ indie.” It’s that superiority complex from knowing something others don’t.

   To continue with this music theme, on Wednesday I’m going to a concert and am super stoked. I admit I like the fact that it’s a small lesser known band because it makes me feel like I know something others don’t. I hope they’re good. I’ve been listening to their music to try and “learn it.”
That was my rant about music for today.

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