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Home Made Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is another flashback post. I wrote this in high school for my Research and Exposition class with Mr. Rickert. I think the topic was to describe our favorite food or explain a recipe. I was going through a phase where I would microwave cookie dough and eat it so I wrote about that. For a high school paper, it’s not too poorly written. 
Home Made Chocolate Chip Cookies
“cookie face”
Cookies are my biggest weakness. I can never refuse one and I always eat too many. There have been times when I’ve eaten a couple of cookies every single day for a week or two. I enjoy cookies as an after breakfast snack, a post dinner snack, a snack while I watch television, and as simple comfort food. Whenever I eat or bake them myself, I always feel warm and fuzzy inside. They have a magical ability to always put a smile on my face.
I’m not a very good cook. I am, however, good at following the instructions on packages and using the microwave, so I am thankfully able to make chocolate chip cookies. Whenever I bake cookies, I typically use the Betty Crocker dried cookie mix powder package. My parents always make sure to keep at least one or two packages of cookie mix in the pantry, just for me. Occasionally, my family does buy raw cookie dough but this is an unwise decision because we end up eating just the raw cookie dough and never actually baking the cookies.
The cookie mix makes cookies very simple to make. All you have to do is mix a stick of melted butter, an egg, and the cookie mix powder, then stir. Next, you roll the dough into small balls and place them onto an ungreased baking pan. Last, you bake the cookies at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for about ten to twelve minutes in the oven. I normally cook them for ten minutes because I prefer slightly undercooked cookies and because I’m a very impatient person.
I strongly dislike burnt or hard cookies. The best type of cookie to me is a warm, soft, fresh one. The cookie must fall apart in your hands, gooey chocolate must cover your fingers, and the steam should be visible because it’s fresh out of the oven. The store-bought cookies, such as Chips Ahoy, are no match for a home baked cookie. Store-bought cookies are always too hard and crunchy, like rocks, and you can practically taste the factory when you eat one. Gross!
There is only one cookie that can even compare to my home baked chocolate chip cookies. I discovered this cookie at Walt Disney World when I ventured into a candy store by myself. The moment the giant massive chocolate chip cookie caught my eye I knew that I had to have it. This was no ordinary cookie. It weighed almost two pounds and looked like a giant mound of slightly baked cookie dough. It looked like it was somewhat undercooked, making me even more excited. So I went and found my parents and asked them to buy it for me,and since I’m an only child they naturally bought it for me. When we returned to the hotel, I plopped myself down on a comfy couch with my cookie in hand and started to munch on it while watching TV. My mom saw me, and warned me not to eat the entire cookie in one setting. I acknowledged her suggestion but continued to eat it. Before I knew it, my delicious cookie was gone and my stomach made an unfriendly gurgling noise. It was the best cookie I ever had but it was also the worst stomach ache I ever had.  
.            I like to eat chocolate chip cookies with fat free white milk, if it is available. Like many other people, I dip my cookie in the milk, let it soak up the milk for a few seconds and then eat it. I also like to bake cookies especially in the late evening, on random occasions and surprise my family with them. I tend to bake cookies only if I’m still hungry after dinner and if I’m bored. The cookies that I make myself always taste the best.
Whenever I bake chocolate chip cookies I always eat at least one uncooked cookie and then two or three baked ones. I also have to make sure that every last ounce of cookie dough is licked off of the bowl and the spoon used to mix it, because it is a sin to waste cookie dough.
When I sink my teeth into a warm chocolate chip cookie, it feels like heaven. I hear an angelic choir in my head and I feel like nothing in the world could ever be better than this. They always make me grin and think of all the other good things in life. The chocolate melts on my tongue and the soft cookie just glides down my throat. The smell of a chocolate chip is almost as good as the real thing. When they’re in the oven, my nose goes crazy because of their irresistible smell.

When I die and go to heaven, I can only hope that there is an oven and chocolate chip cookie mix waiting for me. I would want nothing more than to be able to eat as many warm, undercooked chocolate chip cookies as I wanted all day long for eternity.
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Even in high school, I wrote articles

Flashback Post!

With the band directors at senior night

This Saturday, I went to the OMEA State Marching Band Finals with my best friend, Emily. Of course, Hilliard Darby got a superior rating!
Freshman year of high school, Emily and I became friends because of marching band. I couldn’t imagine my life without her or if I hadn’t been involved band.
 It was so wonderful to see that marching band is still a part of so many high schooler’s lives. It teaches values like teamwork, hard work and dedication.
In my high school journalism class, I wrote an article as part of an assignment and I wanted to share it.
The article covers a marching band competition that we went to.

Oct 25 2007
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Band Dominates Tri-Valley
            The Hilliard Darby Marching Band won their third Grand Champion award on Saturday evening at the Tri-Valley Band Festival, according to 
            “The Marching Panthers” traveled to Tri-Valley High School, located in Dresden, Ohio, and performed their 2007 show titled, “Channel One Suite” on October 20th.  The band won four Overall Best in Class awards, Overall Grand Champion award, and received a Superior rating.
According to Joe Burke, the director of bands at Darby, there were a total of fifteen performing marching bands. 
            “Tri-Valley is just a regular OMEA-approved band contest. This year, our graduating seniors requested that we attend,” said Burke.  “We’ve been there three or four times before in years past.”
He also predicted the band would “do well” and expressed a “possibility of becoming Grand Champions.”
            Before the competition, sophomore flute player Emily May predicted, “I think we’ll do pretty well because we just finished learning our show.  I think people will really get excited about the music.”
Marching band hats
            A junior mellophone player had a much more confident prediction about the outcome of the band’s performance. 
            “I think we’re gonna kick butt,” exclaimed Sarah Cooper.  “This is the best show we’ve ever had because of the amazing brass feature.”
            After the competition, the band was thrilled with their success. “I’m really pleased with how we did.  It feels great to know that we’re Grand Champions,” May beamed.
According to the Darby band website, “The band placed first in class “AA” and won the following awards: Outstanding Percussion – Class AA, Overall Best Music, Overall Best Marching,  Overall Best Percussion, and Overall Grand Champion Band.  Other results included: Second Place Auxiliary – Class AA. The band also earned a Superior rating.”
The Hilliard Darby band is known for their outstanding performances.
 “I think we have such a good reputation because of our past performances, exciting shows, fast tempos, and good music,” said Burke. “I like this year’s show.  I think it’s well played and well-arranged.” He also noted that the band needs to work on “individual and personal responsibility.”
The Darby band will perform at the OMEA State Marching Band Finals on Saturday, October 27 at Dublin Coffman High School.  Their performance time is 5:30 p.m.  They will also perform at halftime during the Groveport Madison High School football game on Friday, October 26.
            The typical Darby marching band week consists of practices on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3-5 p.m., then on Wednesdays from 3:30- 5:30.
Hillard Darby marching band
“On Fridays we prepare for the football game. We practice beforehand if it’s a home game,” said sophomore trombone player Alaina Mills. “On Saturdays we normally practice from about 12- 3:30 p.m. and then afterwards we get ready for our competition.” 
The Darby Marching Band also has won previous Overall Grand Champion awards at New Bremen High School and Northwestern High School.  The band regularly competes at OMEA adjudicated band shows.
The band’s show, “Channel One Suite” was originally written by legendary jazz drummer Buddy Rich. 
            The band was led on Saturday by Field Commanders Taylor Colman, Ben Powell, and Alyssa Hoop. 

The Panther band is comprised of 200 members, including 11 color guard members and 34 percussion players.  The Hilliard Darby Marching Band is in its 11th season.