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TogetherDigital’s 2020 Digital Trends Panel

Last week, I went to the Together Digital 2020 Digital Trends panel. I learned that voice continues to be a powerful force, with more people using smart speakers to search for things. It’s becoming critical that content on websites is set up to answer voice questions. I’m starting to ask my Google Home more and more questions so I can keep learning about voice search.

Thank you to the panelists April Jones, Stephanie (Stevi) Cannon, Sheryl Mckenzie, and the moderator Kimberly Lee Minor, CLSSBB.

My key takeaways from the event:

  • Always wonder what’s next digitally
  • Look at what’s happening outside the USA – that’s the future (Example: GDPR, 5G, etc)
  • The emergence of 5G is coming in 1-2 years, they still need to build infrastructure
  • Voice is big (like Alexa, Siri, Google Home)
    • Make sure your website is set up to answer Voice questions
    • Mark up your website with schema for voice
    • People are using voice for healthcare “Alexa, remind me to take my pills.” “Hey Google, make a doctor’s appointment for me.”
    • Create content for voice with long tail conversational tones that answers questions
  • Today, we need to provide faster customer service, nearly instant because customers are becoming used to this level of service
  • Digital health apps, like Apple Health or FitBit are collecting tons of data about us, even about single short activities (going on a short run can generate pages and pages of data)
  • Use data to tell your story
  • You need cross functional teams, diversity, innovation
  • What can you do in 8 hours to get closer toward your overall career goal?

I also shared this on LinkedIn.

Snapshot from the Together Digital 2020 Digital Trends Panel

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