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Council passes on pursuing income tax from minors

Monday October 26, 2015 12:35 PM

Johnstown Village Council members chose not to act on an ordinance that would pursue income taxes on those younger than 18 years old during the body’s regular meeting Oct. 20.

Village Finance Director Dana Steffan said most communities do not tax minors however the idea was still worth bringing up to council.

“Our law director brought to our attention that we could change this law so we thought we would bring it to council’s attention,” she said, “but it wouldn’t be difficult to change the law at another time.”

Village resident Brian Rose spoke during the public comment section and said one of his four children works at a Wendy’s restaurant.

He urged council to vote against the ordinance because he said, “it’s unfair to tax young kids who are just trying to make extra money.”

Village Councilwoman Cheryl Robertson said she didn’t think the proposed was worth the village’s while.

“I think it would have a negative image to the village,” Robertson said.

“If we really need it, we can do it later.”

Council did not make a motion to approve or disapprove the ordinance so it, figuratively died.

Concord Road

Construction on Concord Road is going well, according to Village Manager Jim Lenner.

“The crew is motivated and working hard,” Lenner said. “I think they have at least another two weeks of work that needs to be done.”

The last section of Concord Road from South Main Street to Central Station is closed for the next three weeks. Lime stabilization took place the road Oct. 19-23.

New police officer

Auxiliary police officer Andrew Smith was sworn-in by Mayor Sean Staneart.

Smith has lived in Johnstown his entire life, graduated from Johnstown-Monroe High School, and attended Central Ohio Technical college.

His wife and two children attended his swearing in ceremony.

“We are really happy to have him,” said Don Corbin, Johnstown police chief.

2016 budget
The 2016 budget will be presented at the next village council meeting, planned for 7 p.m. Nov. 3 at 599 S. Main St.

Steffan emphasized the village is currently operating on a “shoestring budget” and the 2015 budget is anticipated to be overspent by $70,000.

Other matters
Johnstown resident Sherman Ryan spoke at the last council meeting about concerns his daughter was living next door to a drug house.

“We never got a response from Johnstown police and we were not contacted by anyone,” Ryan said.

“The drug house is still going on. I’m wondering what’s going on,” he said.

Corbin said he, personally, has visited the house but did not observe suspicious activity.

“We have notified the Licking County drug task force about this,” Corbin said.

“There has been surveillance every day and we have found nothing yet,” he said.

“Months ago we arrested people from that house. We have been aware of this and are working with the task force on this.”

Corbin asked Ryan to speak with him in private for more specific details about the situation.

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