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Library livens up scavenger hunt with an undead theme

Monday October 19, 2015 12:09 PM

Here’s a clue: In the center of town stands a sturdy building in which one could hide. Don’t expect to find anyone singing anymore, but it might be a good place to lock up some zombies.

And here’s the answer: It’s the town hall/opera house.

This Halloween season, the community is invited to take part in learning about the village’s history in a Zombie Apocalypse Survival and Scavenger Hunt, hosted by the Mary E. Babcock Library.

Those interested in participating should stop by the library and pick up a clue sheet with 20 questions about spots around town.

The clue sheet, which also is an entry form, has questions about the opera house, the T.J. Evans bike trail, the American Legion Post 254 Wall of Honor and even Whit’s Frozen Custard.

Depending on how well participants know the village’s history, how long they’ve lived here and how Internet-savvy they are, the scavenger hunt could take one to two hours, said branch assistant Audrey Finkle.

Participants do not have to go to the locations for the answers.

Finkle said the Babcock library previously hosted a scavenger hunt inside the library.

When she proposed the idea in September about a scavenger hunt throughout the village, branch manager Julie McElhaney expanded upon the idea to give it a zombie-apocalypse theme for the Halloween season.

“It was a collaboration between the two of us,” Finkle said. “It sounded like a fun idea, and plus we needed extra activities for our teenagers. We originally had it open just for teenagers, but now anyone can participate.”

The library’s staff members worked together to write the 20 questions about the village’s history — all with some sort of zombie theme.

“Everyone had a small hand in the project,” Finkle said. Those who find the most correct answers will be entered to win a Halloween prize, she said.

McElhaney said it’s a great opportunity for those who live in the village to take some time to learn more about its history.

To be entered into the drawing, entries must be returned to the library by Oct. 26.

Winners will be chosen during the family Halloween party at the library Oct. 27, and the number of winners will be determined by how many correct entries are received.

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