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Nuttle is sworn-in as new part-time police officer

Originally printed in Johnstown’s ThisWeekNews

Sunday July 12, 2015 7:28 PM

Alex Nuttle was sworn-in as Johnstown’s new part-time police officer by Village Mayor Sean Staneart at the Johnstown Village Council meeting Tuesday, July 7.

Nuttle previously worked in Utica, where he served as an auxiliary police officer, since March.

He graduated from Westerville Central High School in 2009, completed his police training at the Eastland Career Center in Groveport and is currently enrolled at Columbus State Community College.

Nutter said he was excited to become part of the Johnstown community.

“I had driven through Johnstown a few times and always liked it,” he said. “I met Lt. (Josh) Boudinot a few times and was impressed at how the officers were very polite and kind.
“It made a big impression on me.”

Nuttle said he wanted to be a police officer because he has “always wanted to help people when they are in low points in their lives.”

“Some people think the police are all about arresting the bad guys, but really the police are about helping the community and being polite to everyone,” he said.

Nuttle said he likes helping people change their lives and being able to help people even in family or medical emergencies.

At the council meeting, Nuttle’s fiance presented him his badge. He said she is expected to give birth to their child in the middle of August.

“I’m nervous about being a dad, but I think that any new parent feels that way,” Nuttle said.
“I’m looking forward to it,” he said.

With the new addition to their family, Nuttle said it has given him a new perspective about his job as a police officer.

Johnstown Police Chief Don Corbin said he received about 30 to 35 applications for the position and all applicants go through a rigorous background check.

Corbin also said Nuttle will be completing approximately 16 weeks of training.

The position for part-time police officer had been advertised on the village’s website since March 20.

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