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Board awards bids for summer construction

Wednesday April 15, 2015 12:44 PM

The Westerville Board of Education unanimously voted to approve four bid packages for summer capital improvement projects at its regular meeting Monday, April 13.

Jeff LeRose, the school district’s director of facilities, told the board that 16 total bids were received and when the lowest most responsible bids were selected, the projects came in 39 percent under budget.

“These are all projects that need to be completed in order to make sure the buildings are conducive for their intended use,” LeRose said.

Work on the projects will start the day after students leave for summer break and will be completed by the time they return this fall.

Capital City Electric will complete electrical work at Whittier Elementary School and Central and South high schools, for a total cost of $142,300. These electrical updates will allow the district to be eligible for energy rebates.

The company 2K General will complete masonry work at Emerson Elementary School for $29,500.

LeRose told the board that the district has worked with Capital City Electric and 2K General in the past but has not worked with the company Rezod, which won two other bids for summer improvement projects.

He said all contractors go through a rigorous post-bid interview and that district officials are comfortable moving forward with Rezod.

“When bids come in under budget, we like to make sure the contractors understand the project and are still able to comply with our quality and schedule needs,” said LeRose.

Rezod won the bid for interior painting work at Annehurst Elementary School and exterior painting at Robert Frost Elementary School, for a total cost of $58,150.

Rezod also won the bid for restroom plumbing work at Hawthorne and Whittier elementary schools for a total cost of $45,500. This would replace the current floor-mounted urinals with wall-mounted urinals.

In other news:

The board recognized Westerville South High School’s boys varsity basketball team, which finished the season as Division I state runners-up, and Westerville North’s state swim champion, senior Mason Miller.

Nine exemplary employees also were honored with the Superintendent’s A+ Award:

• Sandy Bundesen, first-grade teacher, McVay Elementary School;

• Jill Fogel, intervention specialist, Whittier Elementary School;

• Jodi Dixon, clerk, Emerson Magnet School;

• April Thomas, secretary, Emerson;

• Amy Van Sickle, guidance counselor, Walnut Springs Middle School;

• John Sands, seventh-grade history teacher, Blendon Middle School;

• Scott Delligatti, science teacher, Genoa Middle School;

• Sandy Jones, clerk, Huber Ridge Elementary School; and

• Susan Pennell, food services, Westerville South High School.

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