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Saturday blog post

So far this week, I’ve been really good about working out. I exercised in some way every day. I didn’t always do an intense workout but I got up off the couch which counts for something in my book.

This morning I went to Zumba and that was fun. I always like working out to music, especially songs I know. The moves were complicated at times but I reminded myself that as long as I stayed moving then that’s all that mattered. And it’s also key to remember that no one is judging you or waiting for you to look like a fool. Once I get that through my head, then I get to enjoy the class more. 
Yesterday, I worked at home in the afternoon and worked at Barnes and Noble in the evening. It was pretty crowded at B&N because the author Mike Greenberg was there doing a book signing. The good majority of customer transactions were Mike Greenberg’s book and a copy of the Sports Illustrated issue with the Buckeyes on the cover. I found it entertaining how similar people’s purchases were. When I check someone out, I try and make some kind of small talk with them. I appreciate when someone chats with me and they usually seem to like the conversation too. I get excited when someone buys a Bible or a devotional of some kind. It’s great to see people wanting to grow in their faith. 
I’m still in training in terms of being a bookseller. I honestly think I could remain in training for a month and still not know everything in that store. It’s often a struggle to find things. The guy training me yesterday he reminded me that I should always ask questions. I almost joked that it would be no problem for me to do that. As a reporter, that’s a big part of my job. But then he went on to say that I should not be afraid to make a mistake. That’s way easier said than done. Often, I try so hard to seem like I’ve got it all under control when I don’t. It’s pretty easy to read on my face when I’m flustered or confused by something. I’m still wrestling with what he said. I think it means that it’s okay to make a mistake and that it’s not the end of the world. Maybe one of these days, that’ll sink in. 🙂 
My pizza did not look like this. 
Random facts: 
I’m whitening my teeth right now with those little strips that you keep on for a half hour. 
For breakfast, I tried to make a spinach egg and cheese pita pizza. It came out fine. Next time, I’d build the nest of spinach leaves more carefully so the egg stays in the middle. Some of the pizza stuck to the foil because the egg spilled out everywhere. 

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