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Results show Dublin’s performance success rising

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Wednesday January 14, 2015 11:02 AM

This year’s Ohio Achievement Assessment showed 71 percent of Dublin’s third-graders are reading at a proficient level or above.

Test results revealed 645 students, or 37 percent, read at advanced or accelerated levels. That number grew by seven students from 2013.

The results also showed that 376 students currently read at a basic or limited reading level. In 2013, 276 students read at that level and in 2012 it was 232 students.

Craig Heath, Dublin City School’s director of data and assessment, said the 2014 results were not out of the ordinary.

“The scores this year were very similar to what we have seen at this point in the past three or four years,” Heath said.

“Our students, teachers and parents have done an outstanding job preparing for all of these assessments this year, while keeping their eyes on the most important part of education, which is student learning.”

Heath said the district was in great shape and the scores from other schools throughout central Ohio were consistent with Dublin’s scores.

Jill Reinhart, Dublin’s director of literacy and English language learning, said there is a lot to be proud of in Dublin, but there is still work that needs to be done.

“I don’t want to see any student not on track,” she said. “I won’t be happy until we have zero students reading at basic or limited levels.”

Reinhart said she is pleased with how Dublin is committed to early intervention and providing personalized assistance.

Students took the OAA assessment the week of Oct. 6. The test was a 21/2-hour combination of multiple choice, short answer and extended response questions. The results were released Dec. 5.

Students will have another opportunity to take the Third Grade Reading OAA April 28.

Those students will also be taking the Measures of Academic Progress Assessment in Reading in early April.

The MAP test is taken online for one hour and consists of 50 unique questions chosen depending on the student’s previous answers.

MAP scores can be used to meet the requirements for the Third Grade Reading Guarantee. The Third Grade Reading Guarantee ensures students will read at an appropriate grade level and score above a state-mandated score on assessments.

In order to move onto fourth grade, students must score above a 394 on the standardized test. Last year, students needed to score above a 392.

In 2013, 99.7 percent of Dublin students met the reading guarantee requirements by the time they finished third grade.

The Third Grade Guarantee only applies to students who have been in the district since kindergarten.

Reinhart said Dublin has more than 1,400 students across all grade levels, whose first language is not English.

From both the OAA and MAP testing, teachers and administrators obtain a lot of valuable information, Heath said.

Students who score in the 95th percentile on two standardized tests can be identified as gifted.

Whether students are identified as gifted or struggling readers, Reinhart said teachers individualize instructions for each student based on their needs.

“We determine what the specific problem is and then our teachers construct personalized instructions to meet their needs,” she said.

Reinhart said individualized plans are constantly re-evaluated and improved to best serve the student.

Students in grades 4-9 will take the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers which will replace previous standardized tests.

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